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4 day week for schools?

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Daisymae Mon 15-Aug-22 11:29:51

Apparently according to an article in the Times, there's a campaign for schools to consider a 4 day week to help with financial difficulties. Schools are struggling financially in the current climate but surely children have fallen behind enough? I don't expect that private sector schools have any such plans. How is this allowed to happen?

hilz Wed 17-Aug-22 20:40:37

Lucca / Mollygo.....Chill...I just mean a day not teaching. I've been a Mum long enough to know that with our own kids there is little or no 'me' time. I also know about how hard teachers work. Its unfair that many think the only work that's done by them is during the time the kids start and finish school and that they are thought to have a lot of holidays, and should provide unpaid child care for those whose parents don't pick up on time. I also know how they spend there own time and money sourcing things to help the children learn and it's simply not fair. I support them wholeheartedly in their quest to give children here in the uk a decent education despite the odds stacked against them. Even those who don't have kids I know for a fact are not idle when they have a day off. We all have a duty to the children in our communities to enhance their little lives. So, complex it is and sadly not the only proffesion struggling by, underfunded.

Mollygo Wed 17-Aug-22 20:53:33

Hilz thanks. If there was more of the acknowledgement of what teachers do, that you just posted, from both the government and the general public, it would be great.

Your last sentence So, complex it is and sadly not the only profession struggling by, underfunded.
Sums up life at the moment.

hilz Wed 17-Aug-22 20:58:30

Mollygo. Thankyou. I am pleased you understand where I was coming from. X

Crazymum Thu 18-Aug-22 11:01:36

So not only will schools employ newly qualified teachers for just the year. and teaching assistants take whole classes for days (its cheaper) .more outdoor class rooms ..saves lighting bills and air con . And home learning ..or what we called "home work" . It is already happening at my grandsons school . A lottery grant that should have helped was spent on outdoor equipment but the kids are NEVER allowed on it . Looks good for ofsted. ?

Mollygo Thu 18-Aug-22 11:45:26

Crazymum I’m sorry if that’s happening at your grandson’s school, but that isn’t universal policy and certainly not where I work.
I don’t know what the lottery grant was for, but our grants come ring-fenced so they may not have had a choice? Do you know any more about the grant?
Incidentally-more outdoor classrooms? When we couldn’t take the children out in the heatwave because there wasn’t sufficient shelter and we can’t have them outside long term during our frequently rainy weather. Perhaps we need to up our game. Have you got any photos of the outdoor classrooms?