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CanadianGran Mon 12-Sep-22 21:44:18

This morning I clicked on the TV, and it was showing live coverage of the Queen's coffin being escorted to a church in Scotland. I watched for a few moments before realizing I was watching an American channel (I guess my DH was watching football yesterday).

Anyway, I clicked over to my usual BC news station to catch the first 10 minutes of morning news, and nary a word was mentioned about anything Royal... we have forest fires, local elections, etc.

Today when I had a moment at work, I clicked on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp, similar to BBC) website, and the only news was a small side-bar with no photo, stating "King Charles and siblings escort Queen's coffin in Edinburgh".

I notice ABC Australia has large headlines and photos, American websites (CNN, Fox, NBC) all have coverage as a major headline with photos.

I find it strange that since we are Commonwealth and she was our Head of State that we are getting very little news coverage, especially by a news site that is funded by the government!

It sounds to me like BBC is showing nothing else and not reporting on other world news. I heard some grumbling on Mumsnet about too much coverage.

Are you interested in all the minute details, and do you think you are getting either too much or not enough coverage?

Dinahmo Mon 12-Sep-22 22:12:30

As as been mentioned elsewhere, not everyone is retired and sitting at home watching the tv coverage. There are people who work either day or night who might want to see the news about the Queen. I think that the time has come to reduce the hours spent with talking heads, interviewing members of the public with little to say so I hope that we can get back to some sort of normality soon.

Can you imagine cameras in place for the 3 days of he lying in state in Westminster Hall? Too much.

Fleurpepper Mon 12-Sep-22 22:19:48

The best way to show our Respect for The Queen- is to be quiet and stop all the mass hysteria. And all the gossip about her family, to my mind and heart.

Callistemon21 Mon 12-Sep-22 22:30:39

CanadianGran Today's service at the Cathedral of St Giles was a service of Thanksgiving for the life of Queen Elizabeth. The State funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey at 11am on Monday 19 September.

I hope you'll be able to watch where you are, if you wish. I'm sure it will be shown in full - Justin Trudeau will be attending I assume.

There is a lot of coverage but I suppose this is a unique event and there are other programmes on other channels here too.

CanadianGran Mon 12-Sep-22 23:04:15

We will have an official day of mourning on the day of the funeral. We haven't yet heard details, but I assume no school and some shops closed. Yes I know it will be televised.

Dinahmo, you are correct saying not all of us are eyes-on the tube all day! I still work, so need to get caught up for 10 minutes in the morning, and the international news at dinnertime. I knew there would be a procession today, and a lying in state in Scotland, but we are not getting all the pomp and ceremony that is televised elsewhere.

I don't care for all the silly details like who is wearing what clothing or what their body language means, etc. I would, however, like to see a bit more of the ceremonies that are ongoing.

biglouis Mon 12-Sep-22 23:26:24

I think for many people its sad to watch because it reminds us of beloved grandparents no longer with us.

I am very well read on royal history so these ceremonies are quite familiar to me. I just dont want to listen to the fatuois talking heads droning on. The roud up on BBC and Sky news at the end of the day is quite enough for me.

nanna8 Tue 13-Sep-22 01:45:47

We stayed up and watched the lot on channel 7 here. It was very moving and went for a long time. I loved the wonderful escort, so dignified and in particular the singer and harpist in the church. Wasn’t so keen on the woman who read the lesson in the church when she mentioned the word, ‘hate’. She must have a different Bible from the one I have.

nadateturbe Tue 13-Sep-22 03:26:33

Lucky you CanadianGran.
I agree Dinahmo. I need some normal.

Llamedos13 Tue 13-Sep-22 03:37:44

CanadianGran, I also live in Canada and have seen loads of reporting from Scotland today, including the ceremony in the church and also the procession from Holyrood Palace to St.Giles church.CBC and CTV had all their top reporters giving us loads of commentary.

CanadianGran Tue 13-Sep-22 03:46:12

Llamedos13 - normally I watch Global news, which actually did have a bit of coverage this evening, but didn't this morning. Also CBC website had hardly anything, you had to look for the news; you have to scroll quite far down the page to see any coverage.

I thought it a bit odd for CBC (website), when US news channels had better coverage than ours did.

Calendargirl Tue 13-Sep-22 07:07:49

Wasn’t so keen on the woman who read the lesson in the church when she mentioned the word ‘hate’

If it’s the reading Nicola Sturgeon made, I read the same one at my cousin’s funeral.
It’s from Ecclesiastes, a lovely piece, but I chose to read the King James version, just much more beautiful wording.

BigBertha1 Tue 13-Sep-22 07:20:33

I do so agree Calendergirl the King James version is beautiful.

Blondiescot Tue 13-Sep-22 08:10:34

I've not been glued to the screen, but I am glad that, over the part couple of days, the world has been able to see our country and capital city at its most beautiful, in the glorious sunshine. Edinburgh has done our late Queen proud.

loopyloo Tue 13-Sep-22 08:28:54

Far too much coverage. We go on and on about mental health and I find it's not helpful to dwell on this too much. Let's get on with our lives and continue to do our work in society.
As for all those flowers which will go on a compost heap, we should give donations to the Trussell Trust to help feed people.

Caleo Tue 13-Sep-22 08:48:52

Some of these important church services, such as yesterday's in St Giles, are the very best for sacred music, and well chosen readings.

Nicola Sturgeon was great in her reading from Ecclesiastes ! The hymn in Gaelic with harp accompaniment was lovely.

Such a contrast to the banal and unimaginative commentaries from the street, road, and airport scenes.

Like for any other occasion there is good and bad reportage.
I am sorry there people who fail to understand the importance of her death for the mass psyche of all the late Queen's people.

nadateturbe Tue 13-Sep-22 09:07:11

Agree Loopyloo.

Charleygirl5 Tue 13-Sep-22 09:22:59

Loopyloo I could not have expressed it better.

nadateturbe Tue 13-Sep-22 10:48:54

I am sorry there people who fail to understand the importance of her death for the mass psyche of all the late Queen's people.

To whom are you referring Caleo?

Franbern Tue 13-Sep-22 12:19:24

So agree with loopyloo, at a time when the mental heath of the country is at its worst - cannot really comprehend all this stuff about the death of a 96 years old person, whatever title(s) she used etc.

Of course, all of this is helping to take people away from their very real concerns of how to get themselves and their families through the coming winter. The flowers are almost obscene (I know it is good for the florists), yes, they will be composited, but food banks are desperate for more donations (Food Banks in 21st century UK so needed is also obscene).

The BBC has a 24 hour continuous news channel, surely all this stuff should be on that and let the other stations get back to normal programmes.

Callistemon21 Tue 13-Sep-22 13:02:40

As for all those flowers which will go on a compost heap, we should give donations to the Trussell Trust to help feed people.

Compost is good but buying a tree for the Queen's Green Canopy might be a better idea.

Prentice Tue 13-Sep-22 16:57:06

yes, I do think the BBC is giving too much coverage to this subject.The funeral is not until next Monday and yet they have virtually given up on other UK news as well as world news.
certainly we need coverage about the late Queen, the arrangements and what the new King is doing, but not all day long.

BlueBelle Tue 13-Sep-22 17:48:36

It’s not just TV nearly every channel on the radio is going over and over and over I ve had enough for a life time why could they not have dedicated one maybe two channels for folks to view and the rest of the country can just get on
I m not anti Royal but how many times can you look at a coffin
As for people queuing for 12 hours plus just to walk past a closed coffin absolutely bonkers

varian Tue 13-Sep-22 18:00:04

You do not have to watch tv or listen to the radio all day. Go out for a walk. Read a book. Do something else you enjoy.

We cannot deny that the death of Queen Elizabeth, whether you call her QE II or Elizabeth Queen of Scots is a momentous event in all our lives. For many the media coverage will be much appreciated.

paddyann54 Tue 13-Sep-22 19:30:21

nanna8 the reading was chosen by the queen,Ms Sturgeo.n just read what she was told to read .The Queen organised everything in advance

Jaylou Tue 13-Sep-22 19:35:37

Yes there has been a lot of coverage, but this is a huge event. If you get overload then just switch over or switch off. It won't last for ever.