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Liz Truss has told King Charles not to go to the COP27 meeting next month

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Alie2Oxon Sun 02-Oct-22 10:01:49

This is what I have just heard said on the BBC 9am news. And yes, they used the word 'told'.

It isn't on their website. It's considerably toned down on the Guardian website. The mirror is even stronger - 'Liz Truss orders King Charles not to attend COP27 climate summit."

What the hell is going on here?

Caleo Sun 02-Oct-22 11:41:04

Volver, you sound like Elinor in Sense and Sensibility.

Doodledog Sun 02-Oct-22 11:43:00

A GE would be good, and even better if the new PM brought in laws to limit the powers of the government, and make clear the limits of their reach into the fabric of our democratic system.

I don't want to derail the thread, but it's a safe bet that we will have a new government soonish. How much of the damage the Tories have done to democracy can realistically be reversed when that happens? Have we become less democratic for all time, or can things be rolled back?

volver Sun 02-Oct-22 11:43:16

In what way Caleo?

I keep thinking about this....

Whitewavemark2 Sun 02-Oct-22 12:09:53


Andrew Adonis

The breakdown in relations between Truss and Charles - something that never happened between his mother & any of her 16 prime ministers - is of huge constitutional significance. I’m not a supporter of an activist monarchy, but unwise of her to ban him speaking on climate change

FannyCornforth Sun 02-Oct-22 12:18:24


He doesn’t look too thrilled

The way that she is gripping his hand is really odd. Very strange body language.
I’d be interested to see some footage of them together.

FannyCornforth Sun 02-Oct-22 12:20:10

But! Look at the bright side, if the King really does dislike Truss, he might be more likely to call for a GE. ?

25Avalon Sun 02-Oct-22 12:29:51

If you read the palace statement it ain’t gonna happen. King Charles took the PM’s advice and is mindful of the sovereign’s role to act on the government’s advice. He has already said he will stand back from his previous roles.

volver Sun 02-Oct-22 12:30:55


Sorry, was I shouting?

Callistemon21 Sun 02-Oct-22 12:33:05

I heard, no need to shout!

The same reasons as having an a-poliical President, perhaps?

But without more upheavals with elections every four years?

JenniferEccles Sun 02-Oct-22 12:36:30

For goodness sake, she didn’t TELL him not to go. Charles specifically asked her advice her feelings were that he shouldn’t.
He had planned to go when he was Prince but of course now he’s the Monarch it wouldn’t be appropriate to attend and give a lecture would it?
Talk about a fuss about nothing.

kittylester Sun 02-Oct-22 12:39:06

Quite, JenniferEccles.

volver Sun 02-Oct-22 12:44:03

it wouldn’t be appropriate to attend and give a lecture would it?

Yes it would. Heads of State often make speeches about things that affect the whole world. Why do you think it wouldn't be appropriate? His mother made a speech at the last one. (By video, of course.)

Callistemon21 Sun 02-Oct-22 12:44:45

He had already said he would have to remain politically neutral when he became monarch, just as any non-political HofS would be.

It will be difficult but he can do as his mother did, encourage environmental projects, try to give a positive, practical lead.

Callistemon21 Sun 02-Oct-22 12:46:38

I expect he's simmering away quietly.

volver Sun 02-Oct-22 12:46:39

I'm going to shout again, apologies in advance.


volver Sun 02-Oct-22 12:48:46


I expect he's simmering away quietly.

Like the planet.

Callistemon21 Sun 02-Oct-22 12:49:31


She's overstretching her authority (or whatever)

JenniferEccles Sun 02-Oct-22 13:08:27

Anyway whether you feel it’s appropriate or not,Charles decided not to go.
The idea that the PM ordered him not to go is preposterous.

volver Sun 02-Oct-22 13:19:30

Preposterous? Why?

(I don't think she ordered him either. But I expect she tried.)

Callistemon21 Sun 02-Oct-22 13:22:45

"Look, dear, you know it makes sense"

Bea65 Sun 02-Oct-22 13:25:58

Callistemon21 your comment...Pricelessgrin

Witzend Sun 02-Oct-22 13:35:54

Palace cooks will now no doubt be sticking pins in pastry effigies of La Truss. If we suddenly hear that she’s unfortunately incapacitated by some ailment we are not allowed to know about, it’ll be an extreme case of piles. ?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 02-Oct-22 13:46:06

The optics are so bad though.

The idea of preventing your head of state from turning up to talk about climate change is ridiculous.

Doodledog Sun 02-Oct-22 13:47:54


The optics are so bad though.

The idea of preventing your head of state from turning up to talk about climate change is ridiculous.

It really is - particularly when he has made it his 'thing' for so long.

Baggs Sun 02-Oct-22 13:51:27


It is actually because information we are being fed is based on the mistaken premise that the planet exists in a state of delicate nurture which any human impact destroys, making that immoral.

To anyone genuinely interested I cannot recommend enough the arguments of Alex Epstein in his book Fossil Future in which he reframes the whole issue in terms of well documented evidence and a starting point of human flourishing, especially with respect to the 3 billion or so people who still live (and die at young ages) with little energy except their own muscles.

I decided to read the book because I had come across Epstein's ideas on Twtr and decided I needed to read what he has to say in order to be able to refute it. His arguments are well expressed and argued with philosophical and moral conviction.