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Liz Truss has told King Charles not to go to the COP27 meeting next month

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Alie2Oxon Sun 02-Oct-22 10:01:49

This is what I have just heard said on the BBC 9am news. And yes, they used the word 'told'.

It isn't on their website. It's considerably toned down on the Guardian website. The mirror is even stronger - 'Liz Truss orders King Charles not to attend COP27 climate summit."

What the hell is going on here?

Grany Wed 05-Oct-22 10:01:49

“Wales today is a modern, democratic country, with a Senedd making progress, giving the people of Wales a voice and a platform to drive change and develop as a nation,” he said.

“This archaic oppressive tradition is a blight on our nation and has been for centuries. It gives the impression that the people of Wales are owned by the system, rather than being free citizens living in our own country.

“It is holding us back from stepping out independently and making our own way in the world. In my view, this is the time for the people of Wales to be given the opportunity to make our voice heard and abolish this insulting title passed on from gentry as a continued oppressive symbol on our land and our people.

“It makes no sense, in my view that so much public money is used to sustain the Royal family, including the Prince of Wales role, given the cost of living crisis that our people are suffering up and down the country.”

Gwynedd councillor submits motion to shelve Prince of Wales investiture plans

There are many notable worthy people who will talk on climate crisis People know Charles is climate hypocrite

Grany Wed 05-Oct-22 10:05:33

Why don't RF stop burning land for grouse shooting and rewilding it like they were asked to do.

MaizieD Wed 05-Oct-22 10:35:57


^King Charles should attend climate summit, COP26 president says^

The COP26 President is a member of Truss's cabinet.

Fresh evidence of tory party civil war.

Cabinet members should not be taking a separate line from their leader.

icanhandthemback Wed 05-Oct-22 11:05:28

My half penneth is this: Climate Change isn't political per se but the way we handle it is. I don't suppose that Liz Truss (as much as I don't like her) ordered Charles not to go. I would have thought that the best way forward would have been for Charles to make a speech which allowed for his concerns to be heard but not outwardly criticising "his" Government in order to protect position of the monarchy.

Alie2Oxon Wed 05-Oct-22 13:13:00

Yes, let's get back to COP27. please.
Never mind Misstrusst

So Alok Sharma is saying this - good.

Some quotes:

The Egyptian government, host of the next UN climate summit, has warned the UK against “backtracking from the global climate agenda”, in a significant intervention prompted by fears over Liz Truss’s commitment to net zero.

Rees-Mogg tells Tories he’d welcome fracking in his back garden

Led by climate groups across Africa and the Middle East, hundreds of activists from countries that are the least responsible for the crisis but are experiencing the worst impacts have gathered in Tunisia to prepare for what they say will be a collective fight for justice for their countries and communities, which they will take to Cop27 next month.

- For god’s sake, is this the best we can do?? Let the sea take the island, but do little to stop it?

CatsCatsCats Sat 22-Oct-22 09:17:41

King Charles, Now's your chance. No more Liz Truss, so get in there quick and commit to going before the next PM says 'no'.

MaizieD Sat 22-Oct-22 11:05:26


King Charles, Now's your chance. No more Liz Truss, so get in there quick and commit to going before the next PM says 'no'.

Perhaps he should go 'incognito' as the Duke of Somewhere or Other.

But I did think when Truss resigned "Now's your chance, Charlie boy" grin

Sarah74 Sat 22-Oct-22 11:14:14

When is the summit though? There might be two more PMs by then smile