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If Scotland is so wee,,poor and stupid ,why DO WM aka the ENGLISH parliament want so desperately to hold onto us

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paddyann54 Sat 26-Nov-22 21:05:48

After all they dont EVER have a good word to say about us ...and that includes their unionist "SCOTS" who it seems are delighted to tell us that we cant do anything right

Answers on a postage stamp ...or a postcard if you can find a true reason

volver Tue 29-Nov-22 10:00:48

Bodach And you obviously mix with a better informed bunch of Scots than I do


It's still unfair to try to establish the idea in people's minds that SNP supporters rely on twisting historical events to try to support their cause. I guess there are people like that, just like the ones who made stuff up about France and Germany so they could get Brexit.

Most of us though, realise that Outlander is a figment of that US lady's imagination and don't have to rely on fiction to make a case for our political objectives.

I quite liked Braveheart. I knew it wasn't a documentary though.