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The King evicts Harry and his wife from Frogmore!

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lemsip Wed 01-Mar-23 11:52:10

The King has reportedly evicted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from Frogmore Cottage, their residence in Windsor. Buckingham Palace let the Duke and of Susses know about the plan to take away the property from them just days after Harry's tell-all memoir, Spare, was published worldwide, it has been claimed.

nanna8 Wed 01-Mar-23 11:55:28

Good for him and good for him for sending his lovely self entitled brother away,too. I’m beginning to really admire his strength and dignity.

GagaJo Wed 01-Mar-23 11:58:34

No, he's doing it so the self-entitled brother can move in.

He's not doing much to reassure his son, is he?

Anniebach Wed 01-Mar-23 12:01:30

His brother is to downsize, Harry doesn’t live in England, plenty of room for him to stay if he visits

MawtheMerrier Wed 01-Mar-23 12:01:32

It is the Express, not renowned for its pro-H&M sympathies.
Are we sure?

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 01-Mar-23 12:05:59

I would rather see the facts reported by a more trustworthy source than the Express.

GagaJo Wed 01-Mar-23 12:09:33


It is the Express, not renowned for its pro-H&M sympathies.
Are we sure?

Ah, good point.

Zoejory Wed 01-Mar-23 12:16:15

Omid Scobie has been behind this news and states H&M are appalled.
He is their usual mouthpiece.

Not sure why they are upset.

GagaJo Wed 01-Mar-23 12:18:53

Probably because they paid for the rent, the renovation and it was a safe place for them when they come to the UK.

Grany Wed 01-Mar-23 12:21:38

Why does the Crown Estate - a public body which is supposed to raise money for the government - allow the royals to use their property as if it's their own? #AbolishTheMonarchy

Anniebach Wed 01-Mar-23 12:22:28

Have they paid rent since they left for Canada?

lemsip Wed 01-Mar-23 12:22:41


It is the Express, not renowned for its pro-H&M sympathies.
Are we sure?

Of course it's not only in the express fgs

TerriBull Wed 01-Mar-23 12:38:40

I nearly laughed my socks off the other day, when it was suggested that Andrew might be moving into a mews house bought by Fergie and their daughters. Expensive it might well be, but tiny compared to the humongous pile he is residing in right now and certainly no place for a man servant and a host of other flunkies, would there even be room to accommodate the 50 or so regal teddy bears thought I? shock well at least their stuffed royal bottoms could now be catered for at Frogmore, so that's a sigh of relief. What kind of civilised society allows stuffed toys belonging to the King's brother to be thrown in some random cupboard, possibly below stairs shock Although I predict a harsh life ahead for Andrew who maybe tasked with such onerous daily chores such as drawing his own curtains hmm

Blossoming Wed 01-Mar-23 12:42:07

The latest ‘dead cat’ grin

Parsley3 Wed 01-Mar-23 12:50:12

It has been claimed so it must be true.

Serendipity22 Wed 01-Mar-23 13:04:20

Hmmmm.... as some GN know I have Harry way up on a pedestal and this particular story doesnt bring forth leave him alone but ONCE again we are being fed by the press, or should I say "some of us are" (and I for 1 am not 1 of them) and this is precisely the core that Harry has been making.

So on this particular story fed to us all, I'm out ( as they say in Dragons Den )


Casdon Wed 01-Mar-23 13:23:19

It’s too early to judge in my opinion. My guess is that this is part of the estate rationalisation plan and trimming back of finances the king is doing. Andrew can’t afford to keep on Royal Lodge without financial help. I’d wager if he moves to Frogmore Cottage, PoW will have Royal Lodge, and another property will be sold. M&H may well be offered something smaller, after all they are in the UK only very infrequently - maybe they will get use of PoW current small house on the Windsor Estate instead. It’s all about saving money I suspect.

Namsnanny Wed 01-Mar-23 13:24:39

But in your opinion serendipity, what are we being fed, by whom and why?
Just asking.

sodapop Wed 01-Mar-23 13:29:25

That sounds more likely Casdon and seems sensible.

Norah Wed 01-Mar-23 13:41:12

Perhaps H&M will stay in guest rooms, in a palace the King and Queen use, when / if they cross the pond?

One thing sure - there are plenty of rooms available to be used, nobody needs any of our homes for Andrew or Harry.

Oreo Wed 01-Mar-23 13:54:30

That sounds about right for the situation Casdon tho it won’t suit those who like to feel outraged by anything the RF do.

Had to smile at the being ‘evicted’ I imagined PC pointing sternly and H and M and children tearfully clutching a few possessions and heading out shivering in the rain.

Daisymae Wed 01-Mar-23 13:57:34

On the basis that the Sussex's have emigrated it seems a sensible decision.

Serendipity22 Wed 01-Mar-23 14:36:25

Namsnanny .... seemingly a twisted version, a snippet made far more elaborate that grips the viwer/readers attention, thats just my personal take on the matter.... 😃

Charleygirl5 Wed 01-Mar-23 14:37:13

How is Andrew going to cope living in a 5 bedroom house as opposed to a 30 bedroom one?

Easier to keep it warm although I doubt if he knows we have to pay for gas and electricity.

Apparently Meghan also thought it was too small for her to live in. She lived in a 3 bedroom house before she married Harry.

merlotgran Wed 01-Mar-23 14:49:55


Have they paid rent since they left for Canada?

Didn’t they sub let to Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank who were paying the rent before relocating to Portugal?