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Baby Finley…the trial

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MayBee70 Fri 26-May-23 16:08:59

I always find these child cruelty cases upsetting but listening to the judge sum up the case today is totally distressing. I can hardly believe what I’m hearing. All I can think is how can anyone do that sad? It’s beyond comprehension.

Blondiescot Fri 26-May-23 16:11:55

Absolutely horrific, isn't it? The poor little boy. It's unimaginable what he must have gone through at the hands of those two. Personally, I don't think they should ever see the light of day again.
And I'm waiting for the inevitable 'lessons must be learned' etc which we always hear after cases like this. Until the next poor wee soul dies...

growstuff Fri 26-May-23 16:13:37

I was just reading about it and thinking the same. I just don't understand the mentality of these two. If they couldn't cope with a baby, they could have handed him back to social care, where at least he would have had a chance of a life.

Grammaretto Fri 26-May-23 16:28:08

It makes me wonder if it's the tip of the iceberg. I mean there must be other inadequate and cruel people who are not given the care of their child(ren) again but we don't hear about the "success" stories - just the failures.
This one is indeed awful.

NanaDana Fri 26-May-23 16:40:30

I've just heard that the so-called Father and Mother of that poor, innocent child have been given minimum sentences of 29 and 27 years respectively. Their crimes are so despicable that they will probably have to placed in protective custody, in effect a prison within a prison, as even hardened criminals will target them for rough justice. I hope that every single day is a living hell for them. That's certainly what they made their poor child experience.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 26-May-23 16:40:46

Truly dreadful. Poor little soul. I have no printable words to describe the monsters who ended his life or those who decided to return him to their ‘care’. It’s beyond my comprehension.

tickingbird Fri 26-May-23 16:44:29

I will be honest, I had the sound turned down when the news about these two cases came on the news as I just can’t know the full horror of what these babies had to endure. I know it’s cowardly but it disturbs me so much it keeps me awake at night. I can’t comprehend such sadistic cruelty.

BlueBelle Fri 26-May-23 16:47:36

The professional who went against the social workers advice to take a longer and more staggered approach to him being returned to those two murderers is also to blame and should be held responsible
It is heartbreaking The same should be done to them they should never ever come out

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 26-May-23 16:59:11

I would like to see that person named BlueBelle. There should be consequences.

Shelflife Fri 26-May-23 16:59:38

Why on earth do the ' powers that be' return children to abusive parents!? It beggers belief and happens too often. Surely a childs right to loving and sensible care must always be the priority. Parents rights are secondary.
This story is so so distressing I can barely think about it and is beyond my comprehension.

DiamondLily Fri 26-May-23 17:05:29

Very upsetting, but life can mean only 8 years. I hope the judge set a tariff. Family courts and magistrates courts tend to be very flexible with patents - not always wise.

I worked in Child Protection for years and court aren't always the best place for decisions.🙁

nightowl Fri 26-May-23 17:17:12

Should the two lay magistrates who went against the local authority social workers recommendation and upheld the Cafcass recommendation for a shorter transition period back to parents also be named?

Blondiescot Fri 26-May-23 17:17:26

Unfortunately, I've seen from first hand experience just how easy it is for a child to be returned to a parent who really shouldn't have been allowed to be with the child unsupervised. I nearly lost my grandchild because hospital social workers didn't tell our local authority social work department that his mother had threatened to kill herself and take him with her. It was sheer luck that we turned up at the door in time. If they had done their jobs properly, she would never have been allowed to have him.

tickingbird Fri 26-May-23 17:58:37

There has been minimum tariffs set; 27 yrs and 29 yrs for baby Finlay’s murderers and 32yrs minimum for the sadist that murdered 15 month old Jacob. His mother only received 10 years though.

TerriBull Fri 26-May-23 18:03:27

Heartbreaking! 130 different injuries, burn marks and bruises, what an earth did they do to that poor little baby, his suffering doesn't bear thinking about We just hear about these cases all too often. Sometimes I wonder why children have to be returned to addicts who don't have the ability to parent, when they aren't being violent, they're in a zombie like stupor, what chance would any child have in that environment, even if the parents weren't violent, the child's basic needs wouldn't be being dealt with. Damaged from the outset, is it best to keep a child with people who can barely function or who are prone to violence, for whose benefit? certainly not the baby or child sad Why are the parent/s rights paramount ? They only had this baby back for a short while before they were damaging him.

DiamondLily Fri 26-May-23 18:05:30


There has been minimum tariffs set; 27 yrs and 29 yrs for baby Finlay’s murderers and 32yrs minimum for the sadist that murdered 15 month old Jacob. His mother only received 10 years though.

Oh right. I hadn't read that. Sounds about right for the men. Not sure why the mother of Jacob got such an easy ride.😗

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 26-May-23 18:07:27

A minimum tariff doesn’t mean automatic release at the end of that period. We may not live so long (I won’t) but let’s hope reasons are found not to permit release at the end of the minimum term. However so far as God is concerned there is no minimum term and ultimately they will be answerable to Him.

3nanny6 Fri 26-May-23 18:13:38

I can't even bear to read any more stories of what some of these
evil people do to their children.

I have a good idea of what tariff to hand out to them :
Get two coffins put the pair of them into them and bury them alive six foot under. Let them rot.
Prison is too good for them they do not deserve to still be breathing after the torture they done to that baby.

Greta Fri 26-May-23 19:36:38

It is truly shocking.
How on earth can you put a tiny baby into the care of drug addicts? And every time "lessons will be learnt" they are not.

Smileless2012 Fri 26-May-23 19:40:04

I don't know the details but it's another massive and unforgivable failure of those who allowed this poor little mite to remain with these vile people.

I agree 3nanny prison's too good for them.

Grandma70s Fri 26-May-23 19:54:44

Why do people want to read all the details? It seems a bit sick to me. Tickingbird above says she knows it’s ‘cowardly’ not to listen to the details, but I don’t think it is. Reading all the details won’t help anyone, and will cause great distress to the reader. A pointless act of self-punishment. We know the shocking outcome, and surely that’s enough.

Smileless2012 Fri 26-May-23 19:57:34

Oh I didn't see Tickingbird's comment that it's cowardly not to know the details Grandma70s. I don't need to know the details to know that this evil pair should never set foot out of prison again; if only.

Delila Fri 26-May-23 20:09:13

If you’re a coward Tickingbird, then I am too.

Nightsky2 Fri 26-May-23 20:11:54


Should the two lay magistrates who went against the local authority social workers recommendation and upheld the Cafcass recommendation for a shorter transition period back to parents also be named?

Yes, I do think they should be named. It was an appalling decision. The cruelty is beyond comprehension.

3nanny6 Fri 26-May-23 20:23:51

I cannot find any understanding as to why people feel the need to hurt maim and kill a defenseless baby/child. The child had already been taken from them and to hand the child back and place it with that evil pair once more is just beyond belief.
All the red flags had already been raised surely someone was
expertly trained to spot the dangers.