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‘Grandad’s Pride’. Really?

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Urmstongran Tue 22-Aug-23 12:58:27

More like ‘smut under the radar’ hoping to make this acceptable (inclusive?) behaviour. Yuk.

A PRIDE children’s book featuring men in bondage gear was shown to four-year-olds in pre-school, it has emerged.

Parents had raised concerns with staff at Genesis Pre School, in Hull, East Yorkshire, after it was brought to their attention that children were being exposed to the images.

A staff member had checked with parents of the nursery pupils if they were happy with the contents of the book Grandad’s Pride by Harry ­Woodgate to be shown to their children, but one flagged images of “­partially naked” men in “leather ­bondage gear” as concerning.

A member of staff then defended the images, arguing that children wouldn’t understand the erotic and sexualised depictions.

What are your thoughts on this book?

paddyann54 Tue 22-Aug-23 13:03:01

Thats NOT the UK cover of the book its the American version.To be honest the bondage gear wouldn't bother me,no explanation needed other than some people like dressing up.My daughter will happily tell you we used to go to fancy dress parties a lot when we were young and she remembers her dad in drag on more than one ocassion.Its as explicit as you need it to be at that age....children dont think dressing up is odd

VioletSky Tue 22-Aug-23 13:16:13

Here is a reading of the book of anyone would like to see it actually read and the positive message inside

VioletSky Tue 22-Aug-23 13:16:58

It does not contain the image shown in the OP btw

Grandma70s Tue 22-Aug-23 13:22:48

I haven’t seen the book, so it’s hard to comment.

In general, I don’t object to young children seeing ‘sexualised images’, though I wouldn’t choose it. It won’t mean anything to them.

I’m in favour of letting children know that life can be very varied, and as long as no actual harm is done, anything goes. I feel that my generation (I’m 83) was brought up to think only one way of life was really acceptable: you got married and had children. Anything else was eccentric at best, wrong or at least sad and pitiable at worst.

V3ra Tue 22-Aug-23 13:28:57

...arguing that children wouldn’t understand the erotic and sexualised depictions.

So what's the point in reading children a book you don't expect them to understand?
And what are the staff going to say in response to any questions the children are quite likely to ask?

Grandma70s Tue 22-Aug-23 13:31:09

T.hanks to VioletSky I’ve now read the book. It’s absolutely harmless and with a positive message. I’d be happy for children of any age to read it.

VioletSky Tue 22-Aug-23 13:33:29

No problem at all Grandma70s it is actually quite sweet

Grandma70s Tue 22-Aug-23 13:33:49

The book isn’t about sex, it’s about acceptance of many diverse ways of life.

AmberSpyglass Tue 22-Aug-23 13:57:36

It’s a really lovely and wholesome book. Shame on your trying to stir up hate!

merlotgran Tue 22-Aug-23 14:04:39


It’s a really lovely and wholesome book. Shame on your trying to stir up hate!

The OP asked for our thoughts. That’s not stirring up hate.

Hetty58 Tue 22-Aug-23 14:07:08

Not a problem - except, perhaps in the (smutty) minds of some?

Smileless2012 Tue 22-Aug-23 14:11:05

Nothing wrong with the content but perhaps the cover on the American version could have been better.

ginny Tue 22-Aug-23 14:18:30

I do wish people would read the book before making judgement.. There is no mention of sex.

It seems fairly harmless to me. Surely there is nothing wrong with accepting everyone in all their diversity.

NotSpaghetti Tue 22-Aug-23 14:32:07

I found the book positive and at the right level for someone young.

I have no issue with it as it stands.
Obviously a different cover on the other version.

merlotgran Tue 22-Aug-23 14:34:32

It’s not a cover though is it? I read it’s in a section of the book.

NotSpaghetti Tue 22-Aug-23 14:37:47

It doesn't seem to be a different cover. I think it's a fake designed to make a fuss about something that doesn't exist...

merlotgran Tue 22-Aug-23 14:45:34

I don’t have a problem with the story but I can understand why some parents might object to a picture of two men kissing wearing leather fetish gear.

growstuff Tue 22-Aug-23 14:48:43

This is the cover:

NotSpaghetti Tue 22-Aug-23 14:53:29

OK. I've found it. It's in the background of the page where they are sitting outside at a table. The table and people at the front are the main "focus".

Smileless2012 Tue 22-Aug-23 14:54:05

Thanks for the link growstuff.

VioletSky Tue 22-Aug-23 14:58:27

I don't know why what is in that picture is being labeled bondage anyway, it's just fashion, they seem to be able to move quite freely

paddyann54 Tue 22-Aug-23 15:02:51

Well Urm that didn't go how you wanted/imagined it would !

NotSpaghetti Tue 22-Aug-23 15:07:20

I wonder if it's in fact, one of those "harnesses" that hold your socks up and your shirt down when you're wearing a dinner suit?

Ilovecheese Tue 22-Aug-23 15:10:52

I am glad to see you Urmstongran I like your posts on interesting talking points, although I don't always agree with you, and I like the way you add a picture.