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Interesting article - Harry the trauma exhibitionist.

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RosesandLilac Mon 04-Sep-23 08:29:16
I came across this article posted on MN.
It strikes me as very perceptive as Harry yet again drags up his mother’s death at the Invictus Games.
It’s so inappropriate and disrespectful to those thousands of injured servicemen and their relatives that an over-privileged, extremely wealthy individual constantly turns the subject to himself.

Callistemon21 Sun 10-Sep-23 20:57:32

No matter how much you dislike Meghan, the children will become their own people

I don't dislike Meghan but I do find much of what she has said disingenuous and, after initially being happy for Harry that he found someone who loved him, I mistrust that what we were presented with at first was the true picture.

The children will believe what they are told by their parents and, when they are adults , will base their judgements on that.

Anniebach Mon 11-Sep-23 09:54:32

She has lied so many times. She has been praised on this thread with ‘girl power’, is there power in lies and using people ?

Glorianny Mon 11-Sep-23 10:09:29

The personal comments and faux sympathy on this thread are completely unacceptable and those making them should be completely ashamed of themselves. They are probably reportable, but I'm going to leave them of examples of some of the worst of GN.

If you spend all your time thinking someone is lying about events and believing the other person's views what other reason can there be apart from liking one set of people (the rf) and disliking the other( M&H).
I don't know what went on in that family. But I do know that keeping the monarchy in favour with the public has over the years involved blackening the character of anyone who threatened it, and covering up some of the worst indiscretions, and actions of the rf.
So I don't know about lying from Meghan, and I'm quite willing to give her the benefit of any doubt about her own wedding, whereas I wouldn't trust Charles or Andrew, who both have selective memories, when it suits them, about very serious things like paedophiles.

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Sep-23 10:11:43

I agree, Glorianny, some of the comments on the thread are completely unacceptable.

Most of the worst ones are about members of the Royal Family other than Harry (and Meghan).
Much of it should be deleted.

henetha Mon 11-Sep-23 10:27:18

I tend to agree Callistemon. It's all a bit unpleasant somehow.

maddyone Mon 11-Sep-23 10:33:28

I admit I haven’t read the thread. I was out of the country all last week and now there are 29 pages to read through, so all I will say is that I don’t want to read, hear, or see anything reported about Harry ever again. I admit that may well be a feeble hope.

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Sep-23 10:38:30

Enough to say that the thread meandered and went way off piste, maddyone.

Glorianny Mon 11-Sep-23 10:42:47


I agree, Glorianny, some of the comments on the thread are completely unacceptable.

Most of the worst ones are about members of the Royal Family other than Harry (and Meghan).
Much of it should be deleted.

I don't agree. Some of the worst ones are highly personal and aimed at a particular poster. The expression of faux sympathy is astounding. I believe the right description is "playing the man" (and not the ball)

lemsip Mon 11-Sep-23 10:52:35

Why not STOP IT. repetitive rubbish.

Foxygloves Mon 11-Sep-23 10:54:22

Oh dear I hoped thought we might have seen the end of this which had strayed a heck of a long way from OP's original post!
Even dead horses stop getting flogged eventually but why we needed another anti-Royal tirade is beyond me.
There are plenty of other H&M, King Charles, Prince Andrew, William and Kate threads to contribute to or (more likely) to avoid

Glorianny Mon 11-Sep-23 10:58:53

Always amuses me when people come onto a thread to say stop posting. It's a bit like telling everyone you don't believe in Christmas but still expecting gifts.

Aveline Mon 11-Sep-23 11:51:55

That doesn't make sense

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Sep-23 11:55:14


That doesn't make sense

As with much of the thread, Aveline 😁

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Sep-23 11:55:49


*Why not STOP IT. repetitive rubbish.*

It hasn't got to 1,00 posts yet!

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Sep-23 11:58:02

Oh, dyscalculiac moment.
Actually, distracted moment, neighbour was doing something noisy just outside 😁

1,000 posts

Mollygo Mon 11-Sep-23 13:08:16

We could do a count down. 284 to go.

Anniebach Mon 11-Sep-23 17:08:20

I watched Mike Tindalls podcast yesterday, Anne, William and
Catherine interviewed by three retired rugby players , Anne has good sense of humour.

Tindall did say he has seen Catherine’s competitive nature when playing Beer Pong.

No ‘woe is me’

Callistemon21 Mon 11-Sep-23 18:02:08

Beer Pong looks interesting, I might suggest that at Christmas!!