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Prisoner escapes from Wandsworth…

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MayBee70 Wed 06-Sep-23 23:24:20

I know this is very serious and worrying but the way that he escaped reminds me of the Paddington Bear film or Toad in The Wind in the Willows…

Namsnanny Wed 06-Sep-23 23:34:37

Are they still saying he held on underneath a lorry?

LadyGaGa Wed 06-Sep-23 23:35:47

Me too MayBee70 It’s also how all the ‘lags’ escaped on Prisoner Cell Block H. Usually it was a laundry truck ….

tobyianathekid Thu 07-Sep-23 00:20:19

I loved Wind in the Willows

Whitewavemark2 Fri 08-Sep-23 13:05:54

I reckon he is in the Iranian Embassy

MayBee70 Fri 08-Sep-23 13:58:32

Crikey. That brings back memories. I wrote to Susan Hill at the time because she’d written an article about the seige in The Observer and I related to what she had written. I don’t think she wrote for them again. I was so frightened at the time: thank goodness I didn’t know that back then that everything in the world was going to get much worse.

Helenlouise3 Fri 08-Sep-23 14:03:34

How on earth is a suspected terrorist not locked up in a high security prison. Bing allowed to work in the kitchen and have access to knives etc really beggars belief. Our justice system is like our NHS and Education system -totally broken

Grantanow Fri 08-Sep-23 14:09:36

Heads will roll! Err...which ones?

HousePlantQueen Fri 08-Sep-23 14:13:11

Meanwhile, as the news is dominated by this escape......schools are shut, hospitals falling down, NHS waiting lists growing hourly.......when this can no longer distract, there is a nice H & M story growing in the background, all ready to distract people from reality and two forthcoming by elections. Oh, and I am more worried about the criminals who are not in prison, such as Michele Mone.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 08-Sep-23 14:16:44

Listening to the ex-Tory MP who served time in Wandsworth and a couple of other ex-Wandsworth prisoners, I think that there can be little doubt that the blame lies entirely at the governments door.

The government of course will lay the blame on the beleaguered prison officers whose working conditions must be one of the worst in the country according to the Tory lag

eazybee Fri 08-Sep-23 14:19:17

Because a breaking news story dominates the news, does it mean people are unaware of, or ignoring all the other serious contemporary issues?
Not even and original post.

winterwhite Fri 08-Sep-23 14:28:17

Agree with WWW2 that he will be in the Iranian embassy, if not in Iran by now.
NB he is only suspected of terrorism. Maybe category B is justifiable.

HousePlantQueen Fri 08-Sep-23 14:55:45

Heard the tale end of a R4 interview this morning with whichever poor sap had picked the short straw a representative of the Tory government who was seeking to assure us that there were more escapes during the last Labour government. Pathetic.

MayBee70 Fri 08-Sep-23 14:57:06


Because a breaking news story dominates the news, does it mean people are unaware of, or ignoring all the other serious contemporary issues?
Not even and original post.

So why do people use the dead cat strategy if it doesn’t work?

Grammaretto Fri 08-Sep-23 15:34:28

It's surprising that there are not more escapes given the overcrowding and staff levels.
Needle in haystack comes to mind though why are they set on searching Richmond park?

ronib Fri 08-Sep-23 17:06:06

Richmond Park is being searched because the escapee used to live near there and it was assumed that he had local knowledge of the terrain and where to hide. Apparently.
I don’t intend to downplay the seriousness of the matter but for some reason, Peter Sellers came to mind!

BlueBelle Fri 08-Sep-23 17:06:11

As I read it he was a suspect not a full on criminal
What a little baby face he has, looks like a 14 year old

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 08-Sep-23 17:17:09

I’m dusting off my binoculars and on my way to Richmond Park. There’s a £20k reward.

ronib Fri 08-Sep-23 17:21:21

Last sighting was Wandsworth …..

karmalady Fri 08-Sep-23 17:25:28

I think the net is closing. He had specially made straps to hold him under the van. A cornered rat comes to mind. Wandsworth people need to keep doors sheds garages and windows locked

MerylStreep Fri 08-Sep-23 17:27:40

I think he’s drinking a nice cup of ☕️ in Tehran.

MayBee70 Fri 08-Sep-23 18:36:32


Last sighting was Wandsworth …..

Probably seen how bad it is outside of prison and is trying to work out how to get back in! Which is saying something given how bad conditions in prisons are!!

Urmstongran Fri 08-Sep-23 18:57:46

Inside help?
Our security is a joke and an embarrassment these days.

Mind you it wasn’t that much better in hindsight ... remember Michael Fagan, who broke into QEII’s bedroom in Buckingham Palace in 1982.

TerriBull Fri 08-Sep-23 19:48:46

Just found out he went to my kids' senior school, long after they'd left. Richmond Park is a mere couple of miles away, it covers a very large area, I'm sure if familiar enough, you could get lost in it, maybe using a pair of antlers to blend in!

Primrose53 Fri 08-Sep-23 20:41:17

Surely there must be CCTV in that yard where the delivery lorry was. I suspect he’s had inside help.