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Dogs and cats on planes sitting with passengers.

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nanna8 Thu 07-Mar-24 07:39:28

Virgin Australia are saying they are going to allow dogs and cats to travel in the passenger parts of planes. Personally I think this is not a good idea, particularly if something dangerous were to occur and there had to be a forced landing. I wouldn’t use that company if they decide on this. Back to the dreaded Qantas for me!

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 07-Mar-24 07:41:28

MrOops won’t be able to fly with Virgin then, he is very allergic to cats.
I’m sure it’s only on internal flights?

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 07-Mar-24 07:43:14

Maybe they will have to buy a seat for them?
Will they be able to use the loo?
Doggy menus and a bowl of water sloshing in the aisles?
Free poo bags with every flight?
Doggy lifebelts, good luck with a cat life belt!

Oh dear….

Astitchintime Thu 07-Mar-24 07:44:56

Are they allowing this based on the animals being therapy pets or just a passengers own pet that they wish to take with them on their trip?

Personally, I can think of nothing worse! I detest cats and have a respiratory condition that is triggered by dog/cat hair and dander. Think of the extra work for the airplane cleaners hmm

MissInterpreted Thu 07-Mar-24 07:48:11

This is not a new thing, some airlines have allowed this for quite some time.

OldFrill Thu 07-Mar-24 07:55:54

They have to be small enough to fit in a cage/carrier under the seat. They have to stay in that cage/carrier. There will be a limited designated area on the plane. Internal flights only.

OldFrill Thu 07-Mar-24 07:57:10

This is a link to an article explaining it

Witzend Thu 07-Mar-24 08:02:04

My Swedish friend takes her small dog on the plane with her from Stockholm to her house in Majorca. There is certainly a weight limit, IIRC he only just falls below it.

She can’t do this on any flight to the U.K. - he’d have to go in the hold.

keepingquiet Thu 07-Mar-24 08:40:49

It's a way of making money- itis incredible the amount of money people spend on their pets!

Kate1949 Thu 07-Mar-24 08:48:09

I wouldn't like that and as Oops says, what about people who are allergic? My daughter is in a terrible state when she is in the company of a dog or cat. That would be a great start to her holiday wouldn't it?

Joseann Thu 07-Mar-24 08:48:27

Our cat did several flights in the cabin with Air France and code share. He was a bit loud occasionally. The worst bit was getting him out and back into his box to be scanned at the airports. At Paris CDG we once had a special ar waiting for him to drive us round to the connecting flight. Cat royalty we called him!

Joseann Thu 07-Mar-24 08:48:52


Farmor15 Thu 07-Mar-24 08:49:14

We were once on a flight to India with Air France. I got up to go to the toilet and stepped on the tail of a small dog the man in the seat behind me had! The dog yelped and an air hostess came and seemed to tell the man he had to keep the dog in a bag he had. The man looked daggers at me any time I moved after that but I was very surprised as I'd never seen a dog on a plane before or since.

I saw the man and dog at baggage claim and wondered how the rather hairy dog was going to survive the heat of India.

Joseann Thu 07-Mar-24 08:58:18

I think the flights for the cat were around 30 euros.

Tenko Thu 07-Mar-24 10:32:06

This isn’t new . Dogs on flights in Europe has been around for a while . They have to be in a crate or cage under the seat , so there’s a size and weight limit.
We went to a dog sanctuary on the Greek island of skiathos years ago . They rehome rescued dogs and told us that small dogs can travel on planes within Europe. Although it think it depends on the country . It was definitely the Scandinavian countries.

Callistemon21 Thu 07-Mar-24 10:47:20

Virgin Australia is an airline to avoid anyway.
Even more so now; what a stupid idea. Some people are fearful of dogs and some are allergic to cats and even some dogs.

Passengers should be warned in advance if animals will be in the cabin.

Rosie51 Thu 07-Mar-24 10:57:34

My son is so severely allergic to cats and dogs they don't even have to be currently present for his eyes to swell and close and his asthma to be aggravated. I doubt between flights cleaning would be thorough enough to remove every trace of an animal that had been there. There should have to be a strictly enforced obligation to inform passengers of a plane's 'animal status'.

Callistemon21 Thu 07-Mar-24 10:58:33

I agree. DD has been hospitalised after contact with cats.

Rosie51 Thu 07-Mar-24 11:04:25

DS too. It's scary seeing your child fighting for breath in A&E until the nebuliser kicks in.

maddyone Thu 07-Mar-24 11:09:03

I know that animals are allowed on internal flights in America because I’ve seen pictures of them. I don’t think any animals should be allowed in the cabin on flights. Not only could another passenger have a severe allergic reaction to them, but they are a risk in the event of an emergency and everyone having to disembark in a hurry. Even children aren’t allowed to sit in the seats next to the emergency exit, and that’s for a reason. Additionally there is the hygiene factor; where do the animals go to the toilet? Plus how are they fed?
No, animals should be in the hold. Absolutely.

Callistemon21 Thu 07-Mar-24 11:10:13

^No, animals should be in the hold. Absolutely. 100%

maddyone Thu 07-Mar-24 11:10:33

No peanuts, but please bring your dog.
You really couldn’t make it up!

Callistemon21 Thu 07-Mar-24 11:12:01


AGAA4 Thu 07-Mar-24 11:22:56

I have an allergy to cats and dogs and have had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance with asthma if I have been near them.
The airline may change it's mind if they have to reroute to the nearest hospital if someone has a bad attack and can't breathe.

MissInterpreted Thu 07-Mar-24 12:56:11

With all due respect, the same could be said about anyone who is allergic to anything.