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Arrests at a funeral directors in Hull.

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lemsip Mon 11-Mar-24 08:11:56

this is an awful case in the news over the weekend.

34 bodies removed from the premises by police.

NotSpaghetti Mon 11-Mar-24 08:23:15

I don't understand what exactly happened here.

Do you know more?
I keep seeing articles about this but am no wiser.

BlueBelle Mon 11-Mar-24 08:27:22

I was also wondering what it was, were the bodies interfered with, were things stolen
What ever it is it’s blooming awful

Georgesgran Mon 11-Mar-24 08:35:26

Lots to read about it in various newspapers - snippet's on line.

Marydoll Mon 11-Mar-24 08:38:00

How awful for the families of the deceased.

lemsip Mon 11-Mar-24 09:01:07

it was on bbc news last night and all the news today. didn't dare put DM link first 'cause people think all dm articles are false it seems. but you have to pay for telegraph so here is DM link

lemsip Mon 11-Mar-24 09:03:55

They should NOT have had 34 bodies stored on the small premises.

had people been deceived in some way.? had they paid.?

someone informed the police. a neighbour probably

Sago Mon 11-Mar-24 09:08:20

I live in the area, it’s a complete mystery.
The wording is interesting though.

“A 46-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman have been arrested on suspicion of prevention of a lawful and decent burial, fraud by false representation and fraud by abuse of position. In a statement on Sunday evening, Humberside Police said the man and the woman remained in police custody.”

I really cannot decipher this, all the poor families whose loved ones have been in the care of this company must be devastated.

maddyone Mon 11-Mar-24 09:26:16

It’s certainly strange. I’ve no idea what’s supposed to have happened.

Jaxjacky Mon 11-Mar-24 10:26:14

Obviously this is horrendous for the relatives, what a horrible job for the police too.

henetha Mon 11-Mar-24 10:27:43

This is baffling isn't it. And really upsetting for the families of the deceased.

welbeck Mon 11-Mar-24 10:33:56

be aware, that as people have been arrested in connection with a criminal investigation, we should be v circumspect in any comments.
really, best to avoid comments until the matter is concluded in the judicial process.
this forum is not like chatter around the water-cooler; it is published material for the purposes of the strict liability rule, section 1, contempt of court act 1981.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Mar-24 10:44:16

The DM article mentions concerns over storage and management and says that bodies have been removed for identification.

Sago Mon 11-Mar-24 11:09:06

What on earth has gone on?
I cannot imagine the pain of discovering someone I loved having been mistreated in death.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Mar-24 11:45:55

I recall reading about similar complaints regarding a pet crematorium some years ago. I won’t go into details but it was very upsetting.

NotAGran55 Mon 11-Mar-24 15:19:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sago Mon 11-Mar-24 17:10:29

According to Companies house a director resigned, she had the same surname as the remaining director.
Their accounts are overdue.

Urmstongran Mon 11-Mar-24 17:12:59

Father & daughter owners I believe. Of 3 funeral parlours.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Mar-24 17:19:49

‘Preventing the lawful and decent burial of a body’ is troubling, thinking of other cases where that charge has been brought - though as far as I know there are no charges at present.

Sago Mon 11-Mar-24 17:36:10


Father & daughter owners I believe. Of 3 funeral parlours.

The 3rd premises in Beverley were apparently not occupied or used as “chapel of rest” they were to gain a presence in the market town.

Cold Mon 11-Mar-24 17:42:52

It seems a really strange case.

One aspect I noticed (from the website) is that the company offers various low-cost packages - such as unattended cremation, attended cremation with the funeral held in the Funeral home's own chapel.

I wonder if they have been taking the money but not organising the actual cremation with the crematorium? It might have taken weeks or months to come to light when people started asking questions about where the ashes were.

34 bodies removed seems a very high number so perhaps storage became an issue.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Mar-24 18:12:11

That is a possibility, though I am mindful that we mustn’t speculate it could explain the accusation of fraud. Preventing the lawful and decent burial of a body, with all that implies, is very troubling. I feel very sorry for the loved ones of those whose bodies are the subject of this investigation.

Calendargirl Mon 11-Mar-24 19:05:54

A relative has been interviewed, her father and brother died back in 2022, seems like the father’s ashes have never been returned to the family.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Mar-24 19:31:38

That sounds awful, really distressing. So many must be suffering right now.

lemsip Tue 12-Mar-24 10:12:07

what exactly were the 'ashes made up of'' that the young mother was given for her brother .. on the news.

just what are the 'ashes' people were given bearing in mind 34
bodies were found on the premises.