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Scottish island ferries debacle. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Urmstongran Tue 26-Mar-24 19:15:59

The chief executive of nationalised Scottish shipyard Ferguson Marine has been sacked only two years into the job after warning of further delays to a crucial CalMac ferry project.

David Tydeman’s £205,000-a-year contract was terminated by the Ferguson board after he told ministers that additional snags were likely. Delivery of the two new vessels is already six years late and more than £250m over budget.

I remember reading somewhere that Ms Sturgeon claimed that taking over Ferguson Marine would save 400 jobs, it would have been cheaper to give the 400 staff a Million Pounds each and close the yard down.

I feel sorry for the islanders. What a mess.

paddyann54 Tue 26-Mar-24 21:00:57

You really have your finger on the pulse and undoubtedly pissed off those independence seeking jock slaves of mother England. Now be very careful NOT to mention the failed uk infrastructure projects such as london tube extension Crossrail – also five years late and £4 billion over budget – that was put down to Covid something that would have impacted on every project. Let's not forget the many other examples – from Hinkley Point to a long list of military projects 36 defence projects worth £166 billion are all late and over budget some are even being scrapped. Who could suggest the £120 million spent on the Festival of Brexit or the hideously expensive UK Gov Track and Trace at £37bn was money well spent. HS2 tracking £12o billion cost versus an origin budget of less than half of that and yet it wont even reach Scotland though we are robbing every Scottish tax payer to help foot the bill. Most of all NEVER mention the most obvious comparison in regard to ferries, the supposedly Brexit busting ferries ordered by the UK Government and then cancelled costing £50 million – yeah I know the UK Gov wasted £50 million on ferries that will never be built no just keep on banging your anti SNP drum and shouting bad SNP and hopefully no one in Scotland will notice our even greater FAILED uk government projects

Visgir1 Tue 26-Mar-24 21:06:31

At the end of the day..Its still over budget and the poor islanders.

Oreo Tue 26-Mar-24 21:14:51

Yeah, poor islanders.
Is there any thought at all for them from you Paddyann54 or is banging the SNP drum enough for you?

RosiesMaw Tue 26-Mar-24 22:18:55

@ Paddyann- I thought this was about Scottish Island ferries not the “on” button for (yet) another pro-SNP and anti the rest of them diatribe?

M0nica Tue 26-Mar-24 22:40:39

paddyanne feeling better now? DH is a naval architect(ship designer) and what he says about the competence of everyone in the Ferguson yard over this whole project, doesn't bear repeating, but it is specific to this yard and its competence and the way the contract has been handled by the Scottish SNP government, doesn't bear repeating.

Your attitude typifies the reason everything has gone wrong with this contract. You are not remotely interested in the problems this shambles is causing the islanders, waiting so long for these ferries, no concern for the extortionate waste of Scottish funds that could have been better spent on schools and hospitals, all you are interested is shouting abuse at England. What a way to run a country that used to have every reason to take pride in its shipbuilding industry. How the mighty have fallen.

RosiesMaw Tue 26-Mar-24 22:50:06

Well said M0nica 👏👏👏

Callistemon21 Tue 26-Mar-24 22:52:15

All that long rant and only three words shouted in capital letters!!

Ailsa43 Tue 26-Mar-24 22:53:09

Which Islanders are being affected for those of us who don't know

Callistemon21 Tue 26-Mar-24 22:57:43

Someone competent needs to be put in charge of this and the project expedited fir the sake of those thousands of islanders..

The glory days of Scottish shipbuilding (in which my friend's father played a large part) are lost in the mists of time.

Callistemon21 Tue 26-Mar-24 23:02:03

just keep on banging your anti SNP drum and shouting bad SNP

Wasn't it a Committee of aforesaid SNP itself which branded the project "a catastrophic failure of management" after the 12 month enquiry?

SueDonim Tue 26-Mar-24 23:24:53

Someone competent needs to be put in charge of Scotland entirely, Callistemon, not just shipyards.

OldFrill Tue 26-Mar-24 23:46:40

Oh hello paddyanne you never bothered to get back to those that pointed out the total fabrication of your previous post. I'm afraid you've rather compromised your credibility.

OldFrill Wed 27-Mar-24 00:02:49


Which Islanders are being affected for those of us who don't know

Arran has been extremely badly affected, but is not alone. The whole fleet is stretched to the limit so if there is routine maintenance or breakdowns (quite common with such an aged fleet) the knock on effect to the islands is huge. Ferries being shuffled about to cover results in restricted services with fewer crossings and cancellations with very little, if any notice
Turkey are delivering two ships this year (I think) the speed at which these ships have been built has caused further embarrassment to Scotgov and probably hastened the sacking of David Tydeman (scapegoat).
Nicola Sturgeon "launched" one of the Ferguson Marine ferries in 2017 - they painted on false windows such was it's state of completion! The ferry is still being finished to this day.

Ailsa43 Wed 27-Mar-24 01:33:29

Thank you OldFrill.

Ailsa43 Wed 27-Mar-24 01:35:09

Not for the first and probably not for the last do I wish there was a 'like' button on here...

CoolCoco Wed 27-Mar-24 06:27:30

Rather than using this debacle as an excuse to attack the Scottish government, maybe take a look at the bigger picture and mourn the demise of British manufacturing as a whole, which was decimated by M Thatcher and has continued to decline to its dire state now. The UK used to manufacture trains, cars, ships, washing machines, textiles and just about everything. Now heavy machinery for any infrastructure projects has to be bought from Germany, when we used to be able to make it ourselves, and we all know what has happened to trade from the EU - it’s massively increased in costs and delay due to our shootings ourselves in the foot over Brexit. Subsidising home grown manufacturing , maybe not be the cheapest route, but can have numerous social benefits. It seems like the only home grown manufacturing we do is in weapons which we sell to Middle Eastern countries or give to Ukraine,

Galaxy Wed 27-Mar-24 06:49:19

Actually I think that's frequently why we end up in such a mess on a number of issues, widening issues until you are unable to focus on the specifics of a problem.

M0nica Wed 27-Mar-24 06:59:12

This contract was originally costed at £97 million. Total cost now is expected to be £600 million.

In other words more than six times the original estimate. Meanwhile Brittany Ferries is buying Three ferries from China at a total cost of under £500 million.

OK, I know China is not flavour of the month, but it would have been cheaper to buy three ferries from China and paid the Ferguson workers to stay at home on full salary.

Aveline Wed 27-Mar-24 07:06:47

Thanks M0nica. It's just staggering. Hard to believe this has been allowed to happen. But it has. Along with other daft investments up here.

Grantanow Wed 27-Mar-24 08:10:01

I think British manufacturing was decimated by the rise of a highly competitive Chinese manufacturing industry. Uninvested, antiquated, rust-belt UK industries simply couldn't compete.

Parsley3 Wed 27-Mar-24 08:31:43


I think British manufacturing was decimated by the rise of a highly competitive Chinese manufacturing industry. Uninvested, antiquated, rust-belt UK industries simply couldn't compete.

This, sadly, is the case. I don't know why we bother trying to manufacture anything anymore in the UK.

Katie59 Wed 27-Mar-24 09:09:02

I would have voted against buying from China or anywhere else we should support our own strategic industries but the total incompetence of handling this contract is staggering.

Ferries are not rocket science, specification is pretty standard, the original budget was likely too low but allow it to escalate to £600m is crazy

Aveline Wed 27-Mar-24 09:10:23

Two more were bought from Turkey. Under budget and in time. No need to buy from China

OldFrill Wed 27-Mar-24 09:59:08

The delayed ferries are being built to run on dual fuel LNG/Diesel. The LNG has to be stored at extremely low temperature and they haven't started building the storage facilities yet. Apparently they will have to import the LNG from Qatar and drive it up in tankers from Kent (none of this was taken into account when commissioning the ferries for their "green" credentials")