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Move along the bus, room for one more.

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Sarnia Sat 30-Mar-24 08:13:55

Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP leader is the latest in a long line to be charged with a sexual offence, in this case, rape. How many more for goodness sake?

Lovetopaint037 Sat 30-Mar-24 08:21:12

If this was a film you would say it was ridiculous or too boring.

Iam64 Sat 30-Mar-24 08:38:25

The information released so far suggests very serious offences are alleged. A woman also charged alongside him for aiding

lemsip Sat 30-Mar-24 08:41:37

He has only been charged yet, so we should hang on.. doesn't look good though

eazybee Sat 30-Mar-24 14:27:53

The accusations are very serious, but the accused has said he will strenuously deny them.

Sarnia Sat 30-Mar-24 14:53:06


The accusations are very serious, but the accused has said he will strenuously deny them.

In the words of Mandy Rice-Davies, "Well, he would say that".

Oreo Sat 30-Mar-24 17:52:11

Political leaders are going down like ninepins.

Skydancer Sat 30-Mar-24 17:54:15

I agree with all of the above. But we are supposed to be innocent until proved guilty. Nobody should be named until proved guilty as mud sticks. But, yes, how many more indeed!

eazybee Sat 30-Mar-24 18:23:45

Sarnia,. Cheap.

Wyllow3 Sun 31-Mar-24 00:26:47

The answer is, as many as those who are guilty! Things won't change if people are not called out.

JamesandJon33 Sun 31-Mar-24 05:22:14

Why are these ‘accusations’ often historical? Why did the victims not report them at the time?

Iam64 Sun 31-Mar-24 08:40:16

JamesandJon33 - it’s hard to believe you’re asking that question seriously.

Iam64 Sun 31-Mar-24 08:41:04

Jeffrey Donaldson is free to visit the HoC despite the charges. Let’s hope he doesn’t

Iam64 Sun 31-Mar-24 09:02:26

The Belfast Times says what most will be thinking about the alleged victims in this. Long discussion on mumsnet for anyone interested.

Anniebach Sun 31-Mar-24 09:55:14

A guilty verdict has been passed!

flappergirl Sun 31-Mar-24 11:07:21


Why are these ‘accusations’ often historical? Why did the victims not report them at the time?

I'm another one who can't believe you're asking that question. Do you know how utterly traumatising rape is? Do you know that it causes untold psychological damage to the victim and ruins their lives forever? Can you imagine relating such an ordeal in minute detail to anyone, let alone male police officers, and being subjected to the most intimate medical examinations?

Do you know the crushing, soul destroying shame the victim feels? And even after all of that, they are statistically highly unlikely to be believed. They are even less likely to be believed when their attacker is a powerful, well respected man with the establishment on his side and the money to fight them every inch of the way in the courts. Have you forgotten Jimmy Saville or the grooming gangs.

It can take years for a victim of rape to be in a "place" where they feel they can speak about it, let alone drag it through the criminal justice system. Perhaps they meet someone who gives them the right encouragement to come forward or they discover they are not the only victim of their attacker. Perhaps they have children which makes them more determined to safeguard their own daughter's future against such men.

I hope that clarifies some of your doubt.

JaneJudge Sun 31-Mar-24 11:13:30

I suspect janesandjon is a man

Iam64 Sun 31-Mar-24 14:42:38

And - some victims are children, many of whom don’t tell anyone, or sometimes they confide in a trusted person in later life.

The real question we need to answer is why the sexual abuse of women and children is so prevalent.

JamesandJon33 Sun 31-Mar-24 14:44:02

No I’m not

Anniebach Sun 31-Mar-24 14:58:12

The man hasn’t been to trial yet

winterwhite Sun 31-Mar-24 15:33:47

I’m with JamesandJon on what is known so far. For instance there are cases where the alleged rapist genuinely thinks that the act was consensual. And how long ago? JD could have been a teenager or very young man for all we know. Is it right that the political career of someone who seems a decent man should be pulled down in 24 hrs because of an ‘historic’ event.

JamesandJon33 Sun 31-Mar-24 15:51:45

Thank you winterwhite. I have been in child protection all my working life and would champion the right of any woman, child or man, however long ago to speak out. However I have also seen the other side of the coin, the false accusations; and I am no way saying that is what these are. But with the political turmoil, lately in Ireland, I just wondered why two women had chosen this particular moment. Pointing no finger.
Not going half-cock as some of you have to me. Just considering .

Galaxy Sun 31-Mar-24 15:53:26

I see the innocent until proven guilty doesnt apply to the women involved.

JamesandJon33 Sun 31-Mar-24 16:01:49

flappergirl I do not need a lecture

Anniebach Sun 31-Mar-24 16:02:18

Have the accused been arrested?