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Luckygirl3 Wed 03-Apr-24 09:45:45

At last I have been prescribed something that reduces the atrial fibrillation and it seems to be hard to obtain .... anyone else having this trouble?

Auntieflo Wed 03-Apr-24 09:49:32

Perhaps this should be under the heading of Health!

Nana56 Wed 03-Apr-24 10:01:32

Maybe the GP could prescribe an alternative beta blocker?
Maybe you've already tried those though. Good luck

Luckygirl3 Wed 03-Apr-24 16:31:42

I was on another and the cardiologist changed me to this as it was not working.

Luckygirl3 Wed 03-Apr-24 22:10:54

Goodness knows how this finished up in News and Politics!!