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Why is this happening?

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tickingbird Fri 26-Nov-21 09:51:07

An 18 yr old girl murdered after setting off to see her boyfriend at 6pm. A 24 yr old male, unknown to the poor victim, has been charged.

A 12 yr old girl has died in Liverpool after allegedly being attacked by a group of teenage boys. She had been with friends watching the Christmas lights switch on. 4 young teens have been arrested.

There seems to be so much violence, especially in the young. Attacks take place in broad daylight and in front of crowds of people.

I know such things have always happened but it seems to me that it’s definitely getting worse.

Chewbacca Fri 26-Nov-21 09:52:45

Especially against young women.

BigBertha1 Fri 26-Nov-21 09:53:34

I dont think we know that do we about it getting worse I mean. We have always had violent crime but every single bit gets reported over and over now.

Hetty58 Fri 26-Nov-21 10:09:06

BigBertha1, yes, it's there in front of us - on every news bulletin, online and in the papers. There's a perception that it's getting worse, but do the statistics back that up?

Anniebach Fri 26-Nov-21 10:17:38

Not especially young women, so many young boys are being stabbed

Oldwoman70 Fri 26-Nov-21 10:18:19

I agree violent crime has always been with us, however, it seems the victims and those perpetuating the violence are getting younger and that is a worry.

Chewbacca Fri 26-Nov-21 10:23:53

Not so BigBertha, between March and September this year, just 28 weeks, 82 women have been murdered. How many of these women have you read about over and over again:

Sarah Everard
Geetika Goyal
Imogen Bohajczuk
Karen McClean
Stacey Knell
Smita Mistry
Sammy Mills
Patricia Audsley
Klaudia Soltys
Simone Ambler
Emma McArthur
Sherrie Milnes
Constanta Bunea
Jacqueline Grant
Loretta Herman
Egle Vengaliene
Sally Metcalf
Sarah Keith
Peggy Wright
Charmaine O’Donnell
Michelle Cooper
Kerry Bradford
Julia James
Beth Aspey
Susan Booth
Mayra Zulfiqar
Maria Rawlings
Wenjing Xu
Chenise Gregory
Agnes Akom
Wendy Cole
Caroline Crouch
Svetlana Mihalachi
Nicola Kirk
Unnamed woman
Agita Geslere
Lauren Wilson
Peninah Kabeba
Jill Hickery
Bethany Vincent
Esther Brown
Michaela Hall
Mildred Whitmore
Stacey Clay
Linda Hood
Marlene Coleman
Sophie Cartlidge
Gracie Spinks
Michelle Hibbert
Kim Dearden
Sally Poynton
Catherine Wardleworth
Sukhjit Badial
Elsie Pinder
Catherine Stewart
Ishrat Ahmed
Tamara Padi
Katie Brankin
Sandra Hughes
Beatrice Stoica
Pat Holland
Yordanos Brhane
Amanda Selby
Louise Kam
Malgorzata Lechanska
Megan Newborough
Diana Nichols
Maxine Davison
Kate Shepherd
Bella Nicandro
Eileen Barrott
Sharon Pickles
Helen Anderson
Jade Ward
Maddie Durdant-Hollamby
Fawziyah Javed
Ingrid Matthew
Ingrid Matthew
Sabina Nessa
Unnamed woman
Terri Harris
Sukhjeet Uppal

Maudi Fri 26-Nov-21 10:27:35

What about that poor man in Manchester who was killed recently trying to act as peace maker. If you saw someone being attacked what would you do?

Maudi Fri 26-Nov-21 10:30:09


What is happening to our country.

Calistemon Fri 26-Nov-21 10:31:11

It's all the fault of women and female role models like Dr Who, apparently, according to the MP for Don Valley, Nick Fletcher and his little Sir Echo, heard muttering 'hear, hear'.

I did think it could be irony but no, he is serious.

He can be heard on YouTube spouting this offensive rubbish but I can't seem to do a link.

I was going to start a thread but this seems to be an appropriate place to post this.

Calistemon Fri 26-Nov-21 10:33:20

I hope this has worked.

Kalu Fri 26-Nov-21 10:43:53

Those are horrific statistics * Chewy*.

Women are more physically vulnerable and an easy target for much stronger men. This being the case makes many women fear going out alone, a fact I am sure doesn’t find men having to think twice about.

Calistemon Fri 26-Nov-21 10:48:36

Thank you Chewbacca.

That MP who is victim-blaming should be ashamed.

Purplepixie Fri 26-Nov-21 10:52:30

It is a scary world right now and it is made more scary by the fact that it is on our own doorstep. That poor family of the 12 year old girl who probably thought she was safe with friends watching the switch on of the christmas lights. Also so sorry for all of the families who have lost love ones.

When I was young I was never afraid going out either night or day now I never go out at night unless I can get straight into my car. So sad.

I think if there wasn’t such a high shortage of police we might see a drop in these tragic numbers. There again just look what that policeman at London did to the young girl. I am at a loss and worried about my grand kids more than ever.

Chewbacca Fri 26-Nov-21 10:54:15

I saw that too Callistemon and was stunned that, yet again, women who are seen to achieve anything are seen as "taking away from men". I'm so sick of women having their hard fought for rights taken away from them, be blamed for the inadequacies and failures of men and then be murdered by men because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are more names to add to that list kalu, those murdered between January - March and then October to now.

NfkDumpling Fri 26-Nov-21 10:56:29

Perhaps he has a point. Men have been in charge for an eternity. The providers and protectors who knew best. They opened doors for us and ushered us safely through, walked on the outside of the pavement, gave up seats on buses, provided for us and generally thought they were looking after us.

Now, with more equality they're having to re-adjust without any help, a mindset instilled for generations. I can see where Nick Fletcher is coming from, but he's living in the past. He'd be better to think of ways of getting men to realise they have worth without having to be (or think they are) superior.

Calistemon Fri 26-Nov-21 11:03:37

I can see where Nick Fletcher is coming from, but he's living in the past.

NfkDumpling they sound like the words of a very old chauvinistic man, stuck in the past.
However, he's 49, relatively young to feel threatened by women who are strong role models.

Perhaps if he started investigating the real reasons behind the escalation of violence by young men against women (and against other young men) politicians might begin to understand and start to put things right.

Kalu Fri 26-Nov-21 11:33:07

One step of progress is that the police have changed their policy re DV, no longer just a domestic when women were being violently attacked in the supposed safety of their own home.
A fact that Women’s Refuge centres are needed as a safe haven for women and their children literally running for their lives from violent men. It may be the case for some men but the majority are women.

Lucca Fri 26-Nov-21 11:46:56


I hope this has worked.

Seriously ??? I’m now attempting to pick my jaw up from the floor.

What an absolute idiot.

Lucca Fri 26-Nov-21 11:50:26

And he has since said we’ve all misunderstood him
“ Mr Fletcher, who became an MP in 2019, later released a statement saying his "nuanced point" had been "misconstrued".

"My point was, in fact, a straightforward one and in no way linked Dr Who being a female to crime being committed by men," he said.

"As has been alleged rather lazily by several individuals, I did not link a Dr Who being female to crime being committed by men.

Er….. I think you did mate !

Severnsider Fri 26-Nov-21 11:57:52

I think a lot of the atrocities are committed by men high on drugs. Not completely responsible for their actions. It's an enormous problem and something the authorities don't seem to be doing anything about. Until they do, young women will continue to suffer.

Kalu Fri 26-Nov-21 12:04:40


I hope this has worked.

Good grief, the equaliser!!WTF !
This idiot should not be allowed a voice as he has not one iota what he is talking about. Sadly, not any other male present felt moved to dispute his stance. Says it all really.

Allsorts Fri 26-Nov-21 12:29:47

It is truly horrific. I can’t understand how uk has become so violent. Of all homicides up until March 2020 over 500 were male and less than 200 female. All those families and friends lives changed forever. I think that for premeditated murder we should have a life sentence that is that, we won’t get the death penalty back but how many times are murderers let out early, in some cases repeating their crime. A minimum time should be served for all murders of at least 25 years, no reduction. Only in truly extenuating circumstances should it be less than that. There is no deterrent now for the most abhorrent crimes. It’s about times the victims and their families were considered.

Katie59 Fri 26-Nov-21 12:34:02

Here is the trend for 2020 from ONS

The homicide rate was 11.7 per million population, with the rate for males (17 per million population) almost three times that for females (6 per million population); this is a higher difference than previous years because of a 20% increase in the number of male victims, from 422 to 506, and a 16% decrease in the number of female victims, from 225 to 188.

Far too many
All we can do is protect ourselves as best we can. Because nobody else is going to

nanna8 Fri 26-Nov-21 12:41:05

I thought crime had dropped since Covid. I think it did here but we had a night curfew of 9 pm for weeks on end. That fixed ‘em ( and everybody else ,too). Helicopters flying overhead checking for curfew breakers - which was worse, not sure.