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Grandma2213 Sat 11-Apr-15 00:19:11

Why do so many prominent and supposedly intelligent people use the word 'So..' at the beginning of an answer to a question? I am assuming it is a 'fill-in word as 'Well..' used to be but for some reason it really grates on me! I am a Radio 4 Listener and have been tempted to complain frequently but I feel sad that I become so incensed! While I am on the pedant track I also hate 'the amount of..' instead of ' the number of..' eg 'the amount of dogs running wild'. Is it my age? I am tolerant of so many other things and understand that language changes and grows but this makes me cringe!

durhamjen Sat 11-Apr-15 00:23:31

So... I use it all the time, on here, too.

J52 Sat 11-Apr-15 07:04:16

I agree G2213; it drives me made. There is nothing wrong with using the word 'So' as long as it is in the right context of the sentence.

It is continually used by commentators on TV and radio at the beginning of a sentence. When it is used in this instance, it is to sum up what has gone before. Not to introduce a new topic.

Other than that , it is used as a conjunction to join two phrases and stands for ' as well' , 'in addition' or threrfore'.

Of course, through history language and its usage has always changed, I just find this habit annoying! x

Iam64 Sat 11-Apr-15 09:59:09

Yes indeedy, it's sooo irritating grin

J52 Sat 11-Apr-15 11:53:55

Good idea would be to proof read my text! Therefore - of course! x

MargaretX Sat 11-Apr-15 15:09:36

I have used it here on GN With me it is from the German Also = (Alzo!) meaning Well it like this......
I think Well means that you could think more about the subject but with So! you have thought and come to a conclusion.

merlotgran Sat 11-Apr-15 15:18:19

I think I'm more irritated by the use of, Look or Listen, when a reply is being given to a question. Politicians do it all the time and I think it's rude. It implies the person being spoken to is so thick they need to be reminded to concentrate.

I'm afraid I'm guilty of using So all the time.

rubysong Sat 11-Apr-15 15:44:22

Like Merlot I dislike politicians who start their reply with 'look' and a lot do. Any politicians on GN take note.
Is 'so' an American thing? I am hearing it a lot while I am over here in California. I prefer it to 'look'.

Ana Sat 11-Apr-15 15:50:01

I agree about politicians and 'Look', but it isn't something you'd write in a reply, it only works verbally.

AshTree Sat 11-Apr-15 17:08:16

It's one of those 'fashionable' usages of the word, that will pass in time. I hated it at first but, as is so often the case, I find myself using it this way now hmm.
Totally agree re politicians saying 'Look' or 'Listen'. It is rude.

feetlebaum Sat 11-Apr-15 17:12:32

Oh - ever so! (ITMA)

fluttERBY123 Sat 11-Apr-15 23:30:06

My pet hate is the use of "majority" instead of "most". We get it on the weather forecast even. It will be raining in the majority of the South East. She ate the majority of the cake. The majority of the field is under water. I thought things had to be countable for "majority" to be used.