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Phrases/sayings that drive me mad!

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Lynne59 Wed 23-Jan-19 12:37:27

What phrases/sayings/words drive you mad? Mine are:

No problem
At the end of the day
Can't get my head around it
Showcasing (eg. she's showcasing her slim figure/dress/new style)

Nanny27 Wed 23-Jan-19 12:51:23

Last but not least
Up close and personal.

And loads more but would sound like a grumpy old woman if I listed them all.

Lynne59 Wed 23-Jan-19 12:55:09

List them!

I wonder why some people say things like " husband and myself"

GrandmaKT Wed 23-Jan-19 12:59:38

I "fell" pregnant. Argh!

mumofmadboys Wed 23-Jan-19 13:02:28

I'm not being funny but....

Parsley3 Wed 23-Jan-19 13:06:30

Lessons have been learned.
The will of the people.
Take back control.

Nanny27 Wed 23-Jan-19 13:08:59

Doing my head in
Bloody Haitch.

NanKate Wed 23-Jan-19 13:16:35

How are you?

I’m good. 👎👎👎👎

Greenfinch Wed 23-Jan-19 13:36:33

Back in the day

cavewoman Wed 23-Jan-19 13:42:36

End of.....

Purpledaffodil Wed 23-Jan-19 13:44:52

Passed away or lost instead of died or dead😱

Kittye Wed 23-Jan-19 13:45:54

Drive me mad 😉

Day6 Wed 23-Jan-19 13:49:17

"Let's do this!"
Aaargh! Every single person on tv with a task seems to say it.

kathsue Wed 23-Jan-19 14:03:06

I'm done
I take it on board
passed instead of died

Jessity Wed 23-Jan-19 14:15:26

I was like followed by “like” every third word
Another vote for Lessons will be learned

grandtanteJE65 Wed 23-Jan-19 14:29:30

It's been a fun day.

I don't want to interfere, but

Lily65 Wed 23-Jan-19 14:30:25

OH GOD yeah, I fell pregnant or I fell pregnant with 'ar Lee.

No you didn't fall, you had unprotected sex.


Charleygirl5 Wed 23-Jan-19 14:51:01

I had went- I do not think so- that should be I had gone.

Like every 3rd word.

Restrong instead of restaurant

Madam- no thanks, I do not run a brothel.

BlueBelle Wed 23-Jan-19 15:04:12

We are pregnant I can’t stand that, no you are pregnant, he took part in you getting pregnant but ‘we’ are not pregnant
Starting a sentence with ‘so’
Basically, obviously and like as every second word

Unfortunately I do say some of the ones already listed
No problem
Last but not least
I m good

Ailsa43 Wed 23-Jan-19 15:21:18

Oh I'm with you BlueBelle, I do get irritated when I hear the plural for being pregnant.

Another one which has me shaking my head is when people say.. eg:

"' so she turned around and said''

I always get a mental image of a person trying to speak as they spin

Menopaws Wed 23-Jan-19 16:34:38

I don't know if this counts but I hate it when people say...the thing is I know my body... well of course you do cos no one else does

Lazigirl Wed 23-Jan-19 16:41:00

ENJOY, when someone plonks a plate of food in front of you in a restaurant.

Daddima Wed 23-Jan-19 16:44:44

Most of the above, plus,

The proof is in the pudding.
I won’t step foot in there.
On a daily basis.
Off his/her own back.

And many more.

craftergran Wed 23-Jan-19 16:46:45

strong and stable government
leaving no stone unturned
must have
I 120% agree (or any number over 100%)

arosebyanyothername Wed 23-Jan-19 16:49:55

The often used ‘Literally’