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LadyHonoriaDedlock Tue 02-Mar-21 19:16:35

What do you understand by "next Friday"?

It's Tuesday, 2 March today and when I say "next Friday" I mean "on the next occurrence of a Friday", meaning Friday 5 March.

But I get caught out all the time when trying to set a reminder, both on my Echo Plus (Amazon/Alexa) and Google Assistant (on my phone). Just now I wanted Google to put an appointment in my diary for Friday 5 March so I said "Make an appointment with * * for one thirty pm next Friday". And Google put the appointment in the diary for 1.30 on Friday 12 March. Foiled again. Have to change it by hand.

Is this some American usage of "next", like "quarter of four", or have I been ignorant of the correct meaning all my life,

MamaCaz Tue 02-Mar-21 19:21:26

I generally use it to mean Friday of next week, while refering to the Friday of this week as this Friday.

ginny Tue 02-Mar-21 19:27:06

I’ve always understood it to be the next Friday that comes along. However, I have noticed that people now seem to mean the Friday of the following week. To me that would be Friday week.
Nowadays I always check what date they mean.

keepingquiet Tue 02-Mar-21 19:28:27

Yep-same here! Sounds daft but next week isn't the same as this week, so same rule applies.
Didn't know it was American, though.
Also can be referred to as this coming Friday, whereas next Friday will be the following Friday.
Don't you just love the English language!

Nandalot Tue 02-Mar-21 19:30:21

DH and I have had loads of misunderstandings over this but I have reluctantly come around to his thinking and say ‘this Friday’ for the nearest Friday and ‘next Friday’ for the following week.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 02-Mar-21 20:03:57

Yep it would be this Friday, for this week and next Friday for the following week.

Farmor15 Tue 02-Mar-21 21:40:27

I think it depends how far away is the day in question. On Saturday or Sunday, "next Friday" would be the 5th. But by Thursday, next Friday would be the 12th and 5th would be "this Friday" - I think I'm getting confused! It's definitely a bit of a conundrum.

cornishpatsy Tue 02-Mar-21 21:48:24

I had a similar conversation today, complaining about having to wait until next Wednesday for an appointment, my daughter said "why are you complaining it is tomorrow."

Kim19 Tue 02-Mar-21 21:51:19

Next Friday for me would be the 12th. I consider the 5th to be 'this' Friday. However I would always confirm this either in writing or verbally as I know this terminology requires clarification for the very reasons stated here.

Esspee Tue 02-Mar-21 23:10:32

Another vote for this Friday being this week and next Friday being next week. No American influence whatsoever.

lemsip Tue 02-Mar-21 23:21:14

you should say 'this friday'

Callistemon Tue 02-Mar-21 23:21:43

This Friday (the 5th) and Friday week (the 12th)

Pantglas2 Wed 03-Mar-21 06:45:59

Last Friday is the one just been
This Friday is the one coming up
Next Friday is next week

Calendargirl Wed 03-Mar-21 06:55:53

I, too, am of the ‘this Friday’(5th) and ‘next Friday’ (12th) brigade,

Also would say ‘a week on Friday’ meaning the 12th.

Lucca Wed 03-Mar-21 06:59:37


Last Friday is the one just been
This Friday is the one coming up
Next Friday is next week


gt66 Wed 03-Mar-21 07:04:13


Last Friday is the one just been
This Friday is the one coming up
Next Friday is next week

....another who agrees with this!

Had this discussion with my DH so many times, but he refuses to believe me!!

FannyCornforth Wed 03-Mar-21 08:52:00


Last Friday is the one just been
This Friday is the one coming up
Next Friday is next week

Yes. Definitely correct.

Callistemon Wed 03-Mar-21 09:41:38

Last Friday
Friday coming
Friday week

MamaCaz Wed 03-Mar-21 10:16:34

What I couldn't get my head around was ITV announcements between programmes where, as soon as one thing ended, they announced "Next on is ....", but after the ads, a completely different thing started, with the announcement, " Now, ...". The programme previously announced as next wasn't on until after that.

Confusing, to say the least.
Thankfully, they didn't continue with that as a regular thing for very long, so I am guessing they had quite a few complaints from disgruntled viewers.

grandtanteJE65 Wed 03-Mar-21 11:05:13

I tend to use "this Friday" and " next Friday" as synonyms for "Friday of this week" at the beginning of a week.

I don't know if usage differs in different parts of the English-speaking world, but it sounds likely.

It is the kind of thing that leads to confusion. like "On Monday" which can both mean "last Monday" and "Monday of the coming week"

It is probably better always to use the date as well to avoid misunderstandings.

TrendyNannie6 Wed 03-Mar-21 11:10:35

I suppose some people could get muddled but if I’m talking about next Friday I mean Friday week, and this Friday to me is this week

cornishpatsy Wed 03-Mar-21 16:44:52

As confusing as the phrase "see you later" which I often use but do not actually mean and "I will see you at dinner time" which to me is evening but to some is lunchtime.

BlueBelle Wed 03-Mar-21 16:51:25

If it’s in the same week it’s this week if it’s past Sunday it’s next week
So Friday 5th March is this Friday (meaning part of this week Next Friday is March 12th