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Bessie's progress!

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nanapug Thu 22-Aug-13 15:46:27

Well, we are getting on quite well. She still needs to pee about every half hour, which is rather tiring, but it's only for a short while and the puddles are definitely getting larger!! She is very happy when we are sitting in the garden and she just sleeps under a chair. She loves company. I had a great gift of a dead bird at seven o'clock this morning. She was very pleased with herself. We had obviously been visited by a fox in the night and left it behind sad She is a real "foody" so should be quite easy to train. Our other dog isn't interested in treats so he was harder (we got there in the end though). It hasn't been so good today as it has been raining for most of the day, so we have all been inside and to make it more exciting all four GC were here, so we needed eyes in the back of our head to make sure she stayed out of the lounge etc. Off to the vet tonight for her first jabs and her chip. Really looking forward to the time when we can take her out and wear her out!!

shysal Thu 22-Aug-13 16:02:27

Glad you are having fun. You will be rewarded for all the hard work you are putting in now, it is well worth the effort. A well behaved dog is a happy dog with a happy owner.

When I was a child the GP visited me, and picked up Scamp, our partially-trained cocker spaniel pup, which in his excitement wee'd all down the front of his smart suit! Much embarrassment all round and offer to pay for dry cleaning by Mum.

nanapug Sat 24-Aug-13 06:49:28

Oh dear, think I may have spoken too soon!! For the last couple of mornings we have an extremely early wake up call sad We had some time after seven for a week, but now it is around six. Any suggestions please?

LizG Sat 24-Aug-13 07:40:59

It is lovely to read how well you and Bessie are doing. Sorry, no magical suggestions for her wake up call, just time. It won't be long before you can get her out and that will make a difference.

shysal Sat 24-Aug-13 08:32:42

The mornings will be getting darker which will help. Dare I echo Frank's thoughts on early mornings being the best part of the day for a stroll or even jog?! When Bessie is allowed out for walks, and her bladder is under control she will hopefully be more tired and sleep longer. Enjoy her!

nanapug Sat 24-Aug-13 09:16:54

Yes, we were only saying that it will be lovely when we can take her out for walks. I know it is only time, and she is amazing, but I am tired!!! I have our 23month GD for the day today as well. She is a sweety but also very demanding. Reminds me of when my youngest was new born and the elder one was 22months. Thank goodness for CBBs is all I can say!!!