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Dog food! I'm not eating that! Help?

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BluebellGran Wed 19-Jul-17 10:20:19

Our little JR bitch is gorgeous and we love her to bits, but she lives on fresh air if we don't give her leftovers, which we don't always have. She is about 10 months old and we have had her for 4 months. I've cooked chicken and rice with green veg in and frozen it in portions, which she will eat, but I feel she needs a proper diet formulated for dogs. We have tried every brand of dog food, dry and wet, a raw meat diet including raw chicken wings which she was brought up on and sometimes reluctantly eats but isn't convenient if we are on holiday, caravanning etc.
I tell my husband she won't starve herself to death and will eat dog food if we stay strong but he isn't convinced.
Any advice gratefully received.....

BluebellGran Wed 19-Jul-17 10:22:42

Here she is.

nightowl Wed 19-Jul-17 10:28:10

She'll be fine on homecooked food. Dogs survived on scraps for years before pet foods were invented. If you look at what goes into dog foods I'm not sure you would want to give them to her. Just carry on as you are and let her enjoy life!

There are even recipe books for home cook pet foods if you're worried about giving her a balanced diet wink

merlotgran Wed 19-Jul-17 10:35:59

She is still very young and may need her confidence building where eating is concerned so I'd stick with the chicken and rice if that is what she will eat as she does look as though she needs to put on some weight.

Good Luck. She looks a real sweetie.

BluebellGran Wed 19-Jul-17 10:39:54


Tizliz Wed 19-Jul-17 13:32:10

you can buy a supplement like this: for adding to home cooked food.

I suggest you find a forum for Jack Russell's and ask advice on there. I have used this supplement but I have big dogs.

HildaW Wed 19-Jul-17 13:34:24

Our rescue dog had a very sensitive digestive system when we rehomed her. After reading several items about the poor quality of most supermarket stocked dog food....especially the stuff that's highly advertised, my OH tracked down a company called Millies Wolfheart that sells a good range of high quality dog food including a high protein dog food that we use, on line. Being a dry food it keeps well in sealed containers - especially useful when travelling and if she stays with anyone else.

HildaW Wed 19-Jul-17 13:38:05

P.S. having just reminded myself of the products - by going to the website, I see they have a clever calculator to assess your dogs requirements and will then send a sample of the recommended food. Its certainly been good for our dog....the vet always comments on how 'disgustingly healthy' she looks when she goes for her annual check-ups.

Charleygirl Wed 19-Jul-17 13:45:03

She is a cutie and I agree, a tad thin.

Baggs Wed 19-Jul-17 16:04:13

She doesn't look too thin to me. Most of the pet dogs I see look overweight.

Oriel Wed 19-Jul-17 17:53:25

We used to feed our Border Collie a raw diet but it became difficult when travelling in our motorhome. I didn't want a food containing anything like cereals so I looked online. We get Wolf of Wilderness wet food. It's pure meat with fruits of the forest and other goodies. He absolutely loves it and his coat is silky and really glossy. I can thoroughly recommend it. We buy o line from Zooplus. It arrives really quickly and you can earn points and a discount.

BluebellGran Wed 19-Jul-17 21:39:56

Thank you all so much. I've tried wolf of wilderness wet food but like everything else I've bought, I ended up throwing it away because she wouldn't go near it! It looked so good as well!
She's just had her first season and we had hoped to let her have one litter of pups in a couple of years - lots of people who've seen her have given us their details, both owners of potential suitors and those who'd like a puppy - but I've wondered if having her spayed would make her appetite better?
Anyway... I've just cooked up chicken with brown rice, sweet potatoes and spinach, and lamb mince with brown pasta, spinach, carrots and apples! My DH is greatly relieved. At least I can freeze it in small portions and there'll be less waste ! I will definitely get some of the vitamin and mineral supplements though - thanks Tizliz.

jacksmum Wed 19-Jul-17 21:45:14

Hi she looks a real sweetie , can i ask a couple of questions? how often do you feed her each day? also how often have you changed her food? also are you feeding her your food through
out the day? , as in little titbits of what you are eating or cooking?

phoenix Wed 19-Jul-17 21:52:08

Love that Russell thing with the back legs!

Christinefrance Wed 19-Jul-17 22:00:52

It's unlikely she will starve unless there is a medical issue. Once you have had her checked medically don't let her play you like this, she will eat when she is hungry. Put her food down for her and if she doesn't eat within a few minutes take it away and give it to her at the next meal time. JRs like to be in charge - you are the boss.

Jalima1108 Wed 19-Jul-17 22:17:23

When we first 'inherited' our little dog he wouldn't eat and I had to sit and feed him from my fingers for the first two or three weeks
(yes, I know .....)
He did eventually eat tinned dog meat but if he was ever fed anything else eg cooked turkey, etc he would 'sulk' for a while afterwards when given dog meat. He had cat biscuits in the morning too, they were recommended for him as being smaller than dog biscuits.
He always remained slim.

Jalima1108 Wed 19-Jul-17 22:18:36

and we gave him cod liver oil capsules which he loved!

Jalima1108 Wed 19-Jul-17 22:19:42

She doesn't look thin for 10 months and she has nice, bright eyes and looks alert.
What a cutie!

Kittye Wed 19-Jul-17 22:22:05

I don't think the extended back legs is a JR thing my King Charles does it. I agree with Baggs I don't think she's too thin, far better than being podgy. I cringe when I see the size of some dogs. Far healthier to be on the slim side. I find Naturediet a good food for dogs.

Kittye Wed 19-Jul-17 22:25:13

BTW * Bluebell* she's gorgeous 😍

rascal Wed 19-Jul-17 23:16:14

Our Border Terriers are fed on Millies Wolfheart. It is very good. They do very well on it. smile

BluebellGran Thu 20-Jul-17 08:21:30

Jacksmum, we feed her each morning, she doesn't eat it, we put it away, offer it again a few hours later, put it away, try again and end up throwing it away! Eventually she'll have a few mouthfuls, but that's all. We eat a lot of pasta and risottos, but like onions in it, so she can't have any leftovers. But give her the remains of a roast dinner - a rare treat for us - and she'll wolf it down.
I've resigned myself to cooking food for her and freezing portions. She's won!

Tizliz Thu 20-Jul-17 08:27:05

Don't buy cod liver oil from pet shops! Go to the supermarket, same product but much cheaper

Elliebeth Tue 15-Aug-17 18:53:52

Just seen this and as the owner of a very fussy Shih tzu can I suggest Lily's kitchen wet food. We have had her for six months now and she is just turned two. Very poorly socialised but a lovely dog who is very friendly with people especially children but a nightmare to feed. After much trial and error and throwing out or giving food away she has settled for Lily's kitchen with occasion natures diet for variety. They both score high on the all about dog food site with high meat content. She won't eat any dry food at all which I would prefer she had and if I try and sneak some in with her food she picks them out. Might be worth a try .

NanasRock Wed 16-Aug-17 15:04:31

I'm afraid 'tough love' is called for.
Offer her the breakfast, if she doesn't eat, or attempt to, after 30 mins then lift it up. Do not feed again till the evening meal. Again lift food up if she doesn't eat and offer no more food till the following morning. No treats or left overs inbetween.
Also just give a less amount at each feed till she cleans the dish then increase till she is on the correct amount for age and weight.
This may sound harsh, but if there is nothing medically wrong with her then it will not do her any harm.
She is a cutie and I bet she knows it.