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How mean would that be? (Evil grin!)

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phoenix Sun 02-Sep-18 13:51:32

Hello all, and sending every good

Now, in common with many cats, Oliver Sprout and Minnie are rather partial to Dreamies (other cat treats are available).

OS quite enjoys his put into a toy mouse thing that acts as a dispenser when batted about, he will also take them very gently from our fingers, as will Minnie.

(The late lamented Digby wasn't quite so dainty, and would attack the treat with great enthusiasm, forgetting that fingers we're involvedconfused)

Minnie really CBA with having to work for them, so once the finger feeding stops, and the dispenser gets filled, she wanders off.

The dispenser (known as Mousie) had lost an ear, and the bit that could be adjusted to make it harder/easier for the treats to come out had lost a "tooth" which meant that they came out very easily.

So an online search, and a replacement ordered smile, but a different style, as I thought Oliver Sprout, now he's 5 and a "big boy" might need something more suitable for his abilitywink

Well, it's just arrived, looks very sturdy, and you can adjust the opening of the dispenser.

BUT it says "to make it a play ball, you can twist it so that *NO TREATS COME OUT"!!!!shockshock

What sort of fiend would do such a thing?

Charleygirl Sun 02-Sep-18 16:35:10

That would be downright cruel- those poor little boys.

Chewbacca Sun 02-Sep-18 16:45:34

What sort of fiend would do such a thing?


Auntieflo Sun 02-Sep-18 16:56:02

Phoenix, what have they done to deserve you? grin

seacliff Sun 02-Sep-18 17:17:23


Charleygirl Sun 02-Sep-18 17:39:52

They should come and live with me and they will not be foraging for food- they can help themselves 24/7 especially as it is dry food so does not attract flies or worse.

glammanana Sun 02-Sep-18 18:01:43

They are welcome here with Oliver they can then go to my next door neighbours if the treats are not too their liking, she always has a bowl full of cat treats which Oliver keeps himself topped up with.

Chewbacca Sun 02-Sep-18 18:03:06

It's just me then? blushgrin

phoenix Sun 02-Sep-18 18:46:50

Oh damn, just posted a long reply explaining that I would never do such a thing to my lovely mogs, and it has disappeared!

Just to reiterate, If I am guilty of anytjing, is is pandering to their every whim (well, to degree)

Auntieflo Sun 02-Sep-18 18:57:18

We know they have you wrapped around their paws Phoenix. Long may you continue to post about them. 😺

seacliff Sun 02-Sep-18 18:57:48

We all knew of course you were just kidding.... I'm sure you are the cats servant (like me). 🐱🐱🐱

Cold Sun 02-Sep-18 19:26:56

It would be pretty cruel.

Then of course there is the risk that getting no rewards the cats would learn to do the same as one of mine - which was to pick it up and bang it against the floor or kitchen units until it smashed. I used to come home to dispenser shards all over the floor (but no dreamies).

phoenix Sun 02-Sep-18 19:45:15

Oh heck, it's happened again!

Why do I keep losing posts when using my tablet?

I love my mogs, Mr P loves them too, even when Minnie decides she simply has to play "mummys and kittens" at a ridiculous hour, we would never tease or torment them with access (or not) to dreamies!

Nandalot Sun 02-Sep-18 19:52:00

I am so impressed that Oliver Sprout could get the dreamies from the little mouse. Our Mollie hasn’t a clue.

Willow500 Sun 02-Sep-18 20:08:32

Our 'mouse' isn't a dispenser but a toy with a very bald bum and missing whiskers - he's also lost his tail over the last 6 years since Madam has continued to batter him to death when in a murderous mood!

To get a dispenser mouse which doesn't dispense is indeed pretty cruel but as Dreamies are currently my only means of distracting said Madam while I comb her very matted fur (4 remaining teeth a groomer do not make) I couldn't possibly attempt to give her such an implement as my hands would be in shreds grin

phoenix Sun 02-Sep-18 23:08:25

I would like to state here and now, that neither Mr P or I would EVER do such a thing as to adjust a treat dispenser so that it didn't dispense treats!

"Mousie" (the previous one) was adjustable, but could not be made to block the dispensing outlet altogether, just would make it need a bit more "batting about" to get the treats out, (especially when there were only a few left in it).

The new one, which arrived today, actually has instructions (and the ability) to stop the treats coming out at all. {shock]

We will NOT be availing ourselves of that facility, and have reassured Oliver Sprout that that is indeed the case, and our stance on this remains unaltered.

We are aware of rumours from Barn Close feline residents, that if border controls come into force, such promises may be reneged on. This is definitely NOT the case, and we stand firm on our promise that treat dispensers will not be subject to such severe limitations.

If the right honourable members of GN wish to seek further clarification and reassurance, may I refer them to our press secretary, Miss Minnie Baggage-Hudson.

Thank you.

HootyMcOwlface Mon 03-Sep-18 11:16:59

Where did you get your dispenser from? Ours got broken (it was out of a Whiskas Christmas stocking) and we got it some years ago and I can’t find another as good. I have one from a pet shop (cost a fortune!) but not nearly as good. I looked last Christmas for another Whiskas one but the stockings didn’t have one included any more. sad

phoenix Mon 03-Sep-18 19:40:48

Shh, don't tell, because some don't approve, but it was on Amazon, scroll through because some sellers are charging silly prices for the same item wink

TwiceAsNice Tue 04-Sep-18 08:51:25

I got my mouse dispenser for £2 in Poundland for my daughters cats, after seeing my friends cat go mad for it. The treats can be got out AT ALL TIMES ! We are all besotted with our kitties they have just turned a year old and just started big girl food, we worried they wouldn't like it as much but they will eat anything included chopped up fresh chicken and fish. They are almost more spoilt than the grandchildren , we love them.

1974cookie Tue 04-Sep-18 17:47:19

Sidetracking a bit.
I saw a Man today wearing the best T-shirt ever.