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More Metacam or not?

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JuneS Sun 09-Sep-18 16:29:13

My cat Misty was diagnosed about 2mths ago was with a large tumour in a mammary gland and saw the vet again 2 weeks ago. She has coped well with it until this weekend. Over the last 3days she has stopped eating solid food, just licking and is staying on my porch from the time she gets up until I go to bed. I picked her up last night and brought her in and was alarmed to feel how big the growth has got. She looks so unwell that I feel it is now time to have her PTS. I will phoning the vet first thing in the morning.
Every morning around 7am I give her 40ml of Metacam and wonder if it would be OK to give her some more before bed tonight as she is obviously unwell. I really can't decide what is the right thing to do. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this.

B9exchange Sun 09-Sep-18 16:52:02

If you think it would help her, you could give another does, vets sometimes start with a double dose of Metacam anyway, and there will have been a long gap between the doses. Try to get something into her stomach first, as can irritate, like any non-steroidal.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow, it is a terrible decision to have to make, but if she is in pain and the tumour is inoperable, then you are absolutely making the right decision.

Emelle Sun 09-Sep-18 17:06:09

We have given our dogs Metacam and been told by the vets to stick rigidly to the prescribed dosage as it can damage the kidneys. However that might not be a priority with your cat. I am thinking about you at this difficult time - it's never easy to make the right decision.

JuneS Sun 09-Sep-18 17:39:55

Thank you both for your replies. There is no way she can have it after food as is not eating at all. She lets me touch the growth but is obviously very uncomfortabe when walking and sitting. At one time the vet held it in her hand and measured it but now that can't be done and the whole of her lower stomach feels hard. She is only 9 and such a sweet little girl. It is awful to take another living creatures life but must do what needs to be done because we love them. I just hope I am doing the right thing.

Sparklefizz Sun 09-Sep-18 18:36:18

JuneS My heart goes out to you. It's a decision that none of us pet-lovers ever want to make but sometimes we have to do it with love. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when you see the vet. flowers for you.

Emelle Sun 09-Sep-18 18:41:04

It is so hard - we've had the same decision to make several times, one of them 17 years ago tomorrow and it still makes me shed a tear. 9 is far too young but try to remember that if she had been a wild cat she would have gone off and on her own and just curled up and gone to sleep or worse still been attacked by a stronger animal. If you can, stay with her and let her know you are there. As our vet told us sometimes even the best isn't good enough but you are doing the best you can and eventually will look back at the wonderful memories. I will be thinking about you and your lovely little cat!

JudyJudy12 Sun 09-Sep-18 20:13:30

I think what ever will make her comfortable for tonight. Thoughts are with you.x

Alima Sun 09-Sep-18 20:46:36

I don’t know about her medication but am so sorry. Such a hard time. You will be doing the only possible thing tomorrow. (Been there so many times).

sodapop Sun 09-Sep-18 21:05:29

I think judy is right, whatever keeps your cat comfortable through the night. It's so sad when we have to make these decisions for our pets. You love her and will do what's best even though it breaks your heart.
Thinking of you June.

Lynne59 Sun 09-Sep-18 21:21:29

You have my sympathies. The poor girl. It is so hard to have to let them go, but you will be doing the best thing by having Misty PTS. I would give her the Metacam - keep her pain-free.

Good luck, take care.

OldMeg Mon 10-Sep-18 07:00:49

So sad to read this. It’s the hardest part of having a pet but the best you can do.

I’ve had two very old dogs PTS this year. I held them in my arms while the vet injected them and they peacefully slipped away. Sending (((hugs)))

JuneS Mon 10-Sep-18 12:03:30

Mistie has gone to rainbow bridge. The vet said that I had no choice but to let her go. She will be so missed, bless her.

Alima Mon 10-Sep-18 12:16:22

Feel for you. There will be a Mistie shaped hole in your lives.

Lynne59 Mon 10-Sep-18 12:24:00

So sorry to hear that, but you did what was right for your Mistie. You loved her to the end, and you will miss her now, but you gave her a good life x

sodapop Mon 10-Sep-18 12:35:05

So sorry June you did the right thing but its so hard isn't it.
Thinking of you flowers

OldMeg Mon 10-Sep-18 14:35:34

Run free little Mistie. You had a good life with someone who loved you enough to set you free, even though she miss you terribly 🐾🐾 🌈

B9exchange Mon 10-Sep-18 16:00:34

You made the best decision for her, and she will be grateful to be out of pain. Will be an empty house, but we are all thinking of you.

Emelle Mon 10-Sep-18 17:13:07

So sorry - it is such a hard decision but the right one. Take care of yourself now.

Willow500 Mon 10-Sep-18 17:59:36

So sorry to read about Mistie - it's so hard to know when to make the right decision but you've been brave and set her free from pain which is the final gift we can give our much loved pets flowers

JuneS Mon 10-Sep-18 19:25:57

Thank you all for your kind words. Because of my age (81) she will be my last little cat so miss her a lot. Heer growth had grown so fast and

JuneS Mon 10-Sep-18 19:27:32

Sorry I cut myself off. Just many thanks again