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Anxious morning.

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Katek Thu 14-Mar-19 12:26:38

My little cat Claudia is having dental work under sedation today. I’m sitting with the phone(s) beside me as the vet nurse said she’d call and let us know when she was coming round from sedation. I’m now trying to stop my imagination running away with me the more time that passes. Dh is of the ‘no news is good news’ school of thought, he’s probably right but still want that phone to ring!

ninathenana Thu 14-Mar-19 12:31:02

I worked as a vet's assistant for 10 yrs. Please relax, dental work is something we did on almost a daily basis and is straight forward particularly when performed without a GA.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 14-Mar-19 12:32:16

Hope Claudia is home and has forgiven you, Katek.

ninathenana Thu 14-Mar-19 12:33:25

P.S. it was always bottom of the surgery list, so more invasive procedures will likely happen before Caudia's turn.

1inamillion Thu 14-Mar-19 12:36:24

Your worry is understandable Katek but please don't. We've had a cat and a rabbit undergo a dental operation with the vet and both came through fine. You don't say how old Claudia is? The only risk comes with age and I'm sure the vet would have made you aware of that. Your little cat will be fine and back with you soon demanding your attention.

megan123 Thu 14-Mar-19 12:49:37

Katek you are understandably worried about Claudia. My dog had to have dental work and although they kept him for the day, he was fine. Everything will be alright and she will soon be home with you.

Katek Thu 14-Mar-19 14:43:57

Vets have just called-she’s fine! Still sleepy but has been a star apparently. Turns out she’s actually lost 6 teeth over the years and has now to have a toothbrush/paste! Much relieved, think she may get to sleep at end of the bed tonight as a treat!

shysal Thu 14-Mar-19 15:42:04

When I last took my cats for boosters I was told that Bugsie needs a dental and I have been putting it off because he hates going to the Vet and will not use a litter tray when they advise keeping him indoors for 24 hours. He doesn't seem to be in pain and eats dry and wet food with gusto.
May I be very rude and ask what the bill is likely to be? It is several years since the last time so hope I won't be in for a shock.

andycameron69 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:29:47

sorry to hear of your worry.
It is very stressful when pets need attention medically.

I understand

Hope all goes well

Willow500 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:44:58

Glad she's OK Katek - my cat had all her teeth bar 4 removed last year following a broken jaw due to tooth decay. She was eating soft food the same night and biscuits within a week - cats are amazing grin

Jane10 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:46:42

Phew. She'll not be a happy bunny (sorry!). I'm sure she'll be so glad to be home that she'll forgive you! You'll not be able to cuddle her with your sore shoulder problem. cupcake

megan123 Thu 14-Mar-19 16:53:46

Glad all is well and Claudia will be home soon. You can relax now Katek. Good luck with the toothbrush and paste smile my dog hides when he sees me with his!

Charleygirl5 Thu 14-Mar-19 17:01:58

Shysal Tar had several teeth removed last year and stared in overnight. The bill was horrendous, around £650 from memory- I thought I would be returning to work! I wonder if my dentist would have done it and I bet he would not have charged that amount!

Kittye Thu 14-Mar-19 17:02:49

megan my dogs would have my fingers off if I put a toothbrush in their mouths. I think you need to start with the brush and paste from a young age. I give mine dentastix although the vet doesn’t recommend them as they are fattening!🙄

Charleygirl5 Thu 14-Mar-19 17:08:04

I agree, a cat will not tolerate a brush near its mouth or at least not the second time! There is similar to dentastix one can buy for cats.

Katek Thu 14-Mar-19 18:03:49

I’m not convinced about the teeth brushing either. I’ve never owned a cat that had significant dental issues until this one, so would welcome suggestions to maintain her dental health. shysal- her estimate was around £350 but cost turned out to be £252 as they didn’t need to do all the work. She’s currently bumbling about with rear end not synchronised with the front but won’t lie down. Wondering about crating her. jane10.....I’ll find a way!! smile

Jane10 Thu 14-Mar-19 19:51:40

Our late Birman, YumYum, loved Whiskas cat cream. It was nice to give her a treat. However, it virtually dissolved her teeth and she had to have so many of them removed. Poor wee thing.
Baz has perfect teeth but only ears Royal Canin Maine Coon food and water- and Dreamies of course!

sassenach512 Thu 14-Mar-19 23:33:53

My dog had his teeth cleaned and polished yesterday, I understand your anxiety Katek my DH and I were on tenterhooks till we got the phone call to say he was ok and we could go to get him. He was a bit subdued after it but we just left him in his bed till he decided to come out for something to eat and he had a bit of chicken and rice. Today he's fine and he went for his walk as usual.
I took advantage of the offer Pets at Home are doing. The Vets 4 Pets franchise in their stores are doing a clean and polish for £99 if any teeth need extraction, they charge another £30 but Dewi has good teeth and didn't need it. I'm very happy with the results, they did a good job.

sassenach512 Thu 14-Mar-19 23:37:10

I should add that he had a general anaesthetic and they even clipped his nails for free

Bigred18 Fri 15-Mar-19 06:31:32

I too have had an anxious day, now enjoying glass of wine. My cat, 15 yrs old and never been sick, had a large lump which i hoped was a cyst. Vet operated and let me.know that all is well. Dont know what.lump was but will find out tmw. So worrying.

Anja Fri 15-Mar-19 07:20:18

Glad all is well.

shysal Fri 15-Mar-19 07:41:45

sassenach, sounds like a good offer at Vets 4 Pets. will see if there is one local to me.

Glad Claudia is OK, hope she will be back to normal today.

Katek Fri 15-Mar-19 10:00:49

Good morning from Claudia!

So many worried owners....we can’t help it though, these dogs/cats are family. Lots of positive outcomes though.

Claudia is better this morning - all her legs are now more coordinated, but she was still way out of it at 11 last night when we went to bed. She's purring, more active but not 'talking’ yet and I think there's still a very slight balance issue. She certainly didn't cope well with the anaesthetic. We offered her 4 different types of soft food including Hills a/d and cat soup, but she turned her nose up at everything. We’ve just found her, however, eating crunchies! Strange animal!!

Willow500 Fri 15-Mar-19 13:04:48

What a beautiful girl! Does she let you brush her? Daphne is intolerant of everything and although she has no teeth left she's very handy with her claws - she's moulting but won't let me brush her unless it's accompanied with lots of biscuit bribes grin

Sparklefizz Fri 15-Mar-19 14:23:33

Katek What a beautiful cat she is! My girl Phoebe has loved being brushed from when she was a small kitten. She used to push her brother out of the way with a "Don't brush him, brush me!" attitude. I only have to hold up the brush and she will come running.