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Saying goodbye

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Sunny82z Sat 20-Feb-21 23:01:15

I know everybody that loves dogs goes through this but, I had to have my beautiful Archie put to sleep today and am in bits.

NellG Sat 20-Feb-21 23:04:14

So very sorry, I know that heartbreak and my heart goes out to you. flowers

Casdon Sat 20-Feb-21 23:09:25

How sad for you, look after yourself and treasure the memories of your lovely boy.

Ellianne Sat 20-Feb-21 23:13:27

It is so hard. I'm sure Archie was a great companion and will remain in your heart forever. flowers

Redhead56 Sun 21-Feb-21 00:16:04

So very sorry for you I haven't got over saying goodbye to my little Leo. He was sixteen a very stubborn Jack Russell but adorable. He was very independent but loved a fuss he had advanced dementia. It was heartbreaking our Vet told us we had to let him go last year I'm still upset about it. We still have our Ella a cross staffi a lovely affectionate five year old. You gave a lovely home to your Archie you have memories of him he is still with you.

muse Sun 21-Feb-21 00:22:43

Sorry to read this Sunny82z. I know you must have lots of very fond and fun memories of Archie.
Take care.

grandmajet Sun 21-Feb-21 00:25:54

I am so sad for you.

Happyme Sun 21-Feb-21 00:48:23

I am so sorry Sunny82z , dealing with the pain of losing a pet is the price we pay for the years of enjoyment and love they bring us. You will have made the right decision for Archie and I am sure he had a wonderful life with you.

It is particularly hard to lose a pet at present when their company has been even more important. They leave such a huge gap in our lives I know. Take care of yourself and comfort from your memories 💐

Sunny82z Sun 21-Feb-21 00:58:23

Thank you all so much for your kind words, very raw and can't sleep, siting drinking tea probably doesn't help. You are all so kind thank you.

absent Sun 21-Feb-21 05:14:17

I have stroked my dogs and cats as they have died. I have told them how special they are and how much I love them. It is heartbreaking.

Ashcombe Sun 21-Feb-21 06:12:49

So very sad for you.

Bellasnana Sun 21-Feb-21 06:13:55

So very sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is so hard and their lives much too short compared with ours.

I’ve broken my heart several times over dogs (and cats) so I know the pain you are feeling. I’ve also sworn every time that I won’t put myself through it again, but always end up with another dog.

You will grieve for Archie but the pain will lessen and you will be able to look back at the happy times and know that you did your best for him right up to the end. Sending you a big hug.

Sunny82z Sun 21-Feb-21 08:25:07

Those messages are lovely, thank you so much. First time in twenty years or so this morning when I have had no dog to feed.

Sheepandcattle Sun 21-Feb-21 08:30:56

I’m so sorry that you have lost your good friend- the biggest fault of dogs is that they don’t live as long as us humans. Take comfort in the fact that you had Archie in your life and that he was so loved. 💐

P1234 Sun 21-Feb-21 08:35:42

So sorry to hear. Take care. I know just how you feel 💐

Puzzler61 Sun 21-Feb-21 08:38:30

I feel very sad for you Sunny82. Keep Archie’s memory alive and remember the time you had him. The grief right now is all consuming as you loved him so much - and he loved you right back. flowers

Witzend Sun 21-Feb-21 08:53:28

Been there, it’s so awful. Huge sympathies. 💐

There’s a very poignant Pam Ayres poem on losing a dog, Tippy Tappy Feet. If I could find the book it’s in, I’d post it.

sodapop Sun 21-Feb-21 09:12:02

I'm so sorry Sunny82z it's such a hard decision to take isn't it. You need to grieve for Archie, the tears and sadness but you took that last decision out of love for him.
I know exactly how you must be feeling as we have just lost our two older dogs within three months of each other.
"When tomorrow comes and I'm not there
Don't think we're far apart
For every time you think of me
I'm right there in your heart. " flowers

25Avalon Sun 21-Feb-21 09:21:33

This is such a sad time Sunny82z. My heart goes out to you. I still miss my dear friend. As you cry those tears each one is a pearl drop of your love for him. Big hugs

Cass64 Tue 23-Feb-21 11:57:29


Been there, it’s so awful. Huge sympathies. 💐

There’s a very poignant Pam Ayres poem on losing a dog, Tippy Tappy Feet. If I could find the book it’s in, I’d post it.

I think this is the one youre thinking of, a lovely tribute...

Tippy Tappy Toenails

The days are slowly passing since I found her still and prone.
Since I took her to the surgery and came back on my own.
Now as my key turns in the lock the sound I miss the most of all
Are the tippy tappy toenails as they skidded down the hall.

Oh there was something in her welcome, there was something in her style,
In the jingle of her collar and ecstatic doggy smile.
The tail that wagged so furious, the eyes that shone so bright
It’s the silence, oh it’s the silence, it is blacker than the night.

And if I’d had a rotten day, if I was tired and spent
If I had found indifference in every place I went
Always at my journey's end when I was flat and lonely
That little dog convinced me I was someone’s one and only.

Her things are still around me I have left them all alone
A little greasy collar, a yellow rubber bone
A hairy tartan blanket in her basket on the floor
From which she sprang to terrorize all knockers on the door

How grievous is the emptiness on entering the home
How disproportionate so great a loss for one so small
For the music it is missing and my home is incomplete,
Without the music of her tippy tappy doggie dancing feet.

Pam Ayres,

sodapop Tue 23-Feb-21 12:52:21

That made me cry Cass so true.

glammanana Tue 23-Feb-21 13:05:20

Sending you hugs Sunny I had to do the same just a month ago and said goodbye to my Poppy who was just 12 yrs old I truely thought she would be with me for a few more years but it was not to be.
Remember all the good times you shared with Archie he will always be close to your heart
The more people I meet the more I love my dog was one of my late husbands favourite comments.

3nanny6 Tue 23-Feb-21 13:14:41

Sunny82z,, so sorry to hear of your loss.
I have my two dogs and they are older now occasionally I think about the day coming when I will have to say good-bye. it is heartbreaking.

Glammanana your late husband spoke a very true comment, he knew you get so much more back from a pet than you do from some people (not all people) some can be nice but pets they love you unconditionally.

grannysyb Tue 23-Feb-21 13:14:45

So sorry for your loss, its heartbreaking when they leave us.

timetogo2016 Tue 23-Feb-21 13:28:52

I`m gutted for you Sunny82z.
Iv`e been through the same and i`m not embarresed to say i still well up years later.
I have ,as you have wonderfull memories that will stay forever and give you comfort.
Sending you an air-hug.