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Cat litter recommendations (home delivery) please

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Juicywords Mon 09-May-22 14:30:44

We’ve always used Franks cat litter (Sainsburys) which is non clumping and was very reasonable at under £2 for 10 litres. Our very fussy cat also liked it! But this company seems to no longer be trading, so I’d appreciate recommendations for other non clumping, reasonably priced cat litter. Thank you 😸

shysal Mon 09-May-22 16:49:07

I can't understand why anybody would use non-clumping as it has to be replaced all the time. I use Golden Grey or Tigerino Nuggies in baby powder scent. I remove just the clumps and top up the level every now and then. A 10KG bag last for months.

I find Zooplus are the cheapest on line site for most pet supplies, with fast delivery, and they have a good selection from which you can choose your preference.

HowVeryDareYou Mon 09-May-22 18:31:30

I've just ordered some from Amazon, Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Cat Litter 30L for £12.90. It's got a lot of very good reviews.

GagaJo Mon 09-May-22 18:34:38

I really don't like clumping either.

Both me and the cats like Aldi's non clumping, but I'm not sure if Aldi deliver?

Catsan is also great, but it's SO expensive.

Aveline Mon 09-May-22 18:40:39

We use a sieve type of litter tray. The used powdery stuff filters through to the bottom tray which can be easily cleaned out leaving the 'solids' to be easily scooped off the top for disposal in a loo. This means the wood pellet type litter lasts longer. It's a good system.

Audi10 Tue 10-May-22 15:52:09

It’s brilliant breeder celect HowVeryDareYou ours have been using it for months soft on their paws too

paddyann54 Tue 10-May-22 16:09:47

I use wood pellet cat litter from Pets at Home comes in 30ltr bags and can be delivered.I buy six bags at a time and its free delivery I think its about £7 a bag

Shandy57 Tue 10-May-22 16:50:19

I use Morrisons clumping cat litter, £4 per bag, my 16 year old cat likes it. Does 'clump' extremely well and a bag lasts me about ten days.

I had a cat sitter for three days and she emptied the whole tray each day, she used a whole bag.

HowVeryDareYou Wed 11-May-22 12:04:16

Audi10 Thanks. Good to know. I hope my old boy likes it smile

Audi10 Wed 11-May-22 12:05:15

I’m sure he will HowVeryDareYou