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House training a puppy in winter

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Mazgg Thu 07-Dec-23 10:14:03

I will be getting a dachshund puppy in a few weeks time. Last time I had a puppy it was summer and I was able to take her out into the garden regularly for toilet training and it was relatively easy.
Since then puppy pads have made their appearance. Has anyone trained their puppy to 'go' on the pad then made the transition to outdoors? I don't want to take her out in rain, cold or ice.

MarieLL59 Tue 12-Dec-23 04:22:06

I’m currently doing exactly that now with a Labrador pup. Admittedly he was just 4 months when I got him so I think it was easier. I also have a cat/dog flap which has helped. I only put puppy pads down as a ‘just incase’ and the one time he peed and pooed in the house it wasn’t on the pad. I’ve had dogs all my life in the and used pads but now I think it takes longer to train if you rely on pads. This time I have kept the puppy with me at all times and out we went after every meal and about every two hours. During the night I’ve done the same, the minute I heard him rustling I woke up ( I’m a light sleeper) and staggered out, including in all this rain. Within two weeks we were accident free in that he has completely got the hang of the dog flap. Now he’s 5 months and maybe goes out once in the night. I still go out with him at night as I don’t trust him not to get up to mischief! This is the first time I’ve done it this way and it’s actually quite exhausting, but I’m glad I did because it’s really paid off. I recently lost my old Labrador and I was heartbroken, this puppy has brought me so much joy so it’s been worth it. Good luck.

icanhandthemback Tue 12-Dec-23 10:05:37

Iam64, I think it is quite wrong to use somebody who is not qualified so publicly. Some of his methods do not sit well with someone who is an accredited trainer and anybody looking for one should ensure that whoever they use is accredited by ADPT, ABTC and IMDT. The methods used by these training programmes have been scientifically researched so that dogs aren't damaged by training processes.

Iam64 Tue 12-Dec-23 10:50:17

I’m with you, I anhandthemback. Ive watched several of the programmes and would advise anyone looking for ‘tips’ to avoid them.
There are excellent training groups, run by experienced, qualified trainers. Or if owners can’t/wont commit to groups, invest in 1 - 1 with a qualified, experienced behaviourist. Or - read up books by those people.

MayBee70 Tue 12-Dec-23 11:17:31

Would a behaviourist be able to help with a little puppy farm dog that had just been used as a breeding machine and is terrified of everything? And how do you find a good one?

Iam64 Tue 12-Dec-23 13:07:10

Yes they would MayBee. The vet is a good starting point, they have their favoured behaviourist. My vet’s behaviourist has a 6 month wait list.
Look at the ABTC site for the area
Im currently working with an experienced behaviourist registered with the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. They like ABTC are recognised as qualified behaviourists. My PetPlan insurance is funding it, as my vet supported my application.

MayBee70 Tue 12-Dec-23 13:35:39

Thanks. I’ve passed that onto her.

Rosiegirl23 Fri 15-Dec-23 19:39:28

Don’t get a puppy if you’re unwilling to do the work. Pee pads are disgusting.

Also, adopt your dogs.

MayBee70 Fri 15-Dec-23 19:56:57

She’s not worried about the work, she’s concerned for the dog. And not all people want to take on a rescue. If anything happened (heaven forbid) to my current dog I would have to have an older dog but I like the fact that I know the family history of my dogs so I know they’ve been screened for health problems; I like to meet the dogs parents, too, and keep in touch with not just her litter mates but her cousins and nieces and nephews. A rescue isn’t suitable for everyone.

icanhandthemback Fri 15-Dec-23 23:12:07

She’s not worried about the work, she’s concerned for the dog.

If a puppy leaves its Mum at 12 weeks, it should have no problems outdoors regardless of most weather conditions. It snowed the last year we got our last dog and it had no problems. I was blooming freezing.