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Random survey - who bought Matt Hancocks book?

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Margs Thu 29-Dec-22 18:41:19

It appears to have tumbled out of the booksellers ratings after only a few thousand copies sold.

So, were you one of the optimistic souls who bought it hoping for an insightful read? Or did his performance on "I'm a Celebrity" make you buy the tome out of pure (misguided) pity?

Harris27 Thu 29-Dec-22 18:47:03

No didn’t buy it.

BlueBelle Thu 29-Dec-22 18:52:25

‘Not I’ said the fly

nanaK54 Thu 29-Dec-22 19:01:58


Ailidh Thu 29-Dec-22 19:02:26

He's written a book?

Ohmother Thu 29-Dec-22 19:14:09


Urmstongran Thu 29-Dec-22 19:17:03

Not a chance.

GagaJo Thu 29-Dec-22 19:18:07

Hahahahahaha. As if.

Might buy 'Spare' tho.

MrsKen33 Thu 29-Dec-22 19:21:57

Didn’t know he had one, but not interested anyway.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 29-Dec-22 19:24:45

Nope and won’t.

Doodledog Thu 29-Dec-22 19:28:39


‘Not I’ said the fly

'Not me' said the flea

paddyann54 Thu 29-Dec-22 19:32:07

Is it fiction? Or his version of events?

Callistemon21 Thu 29-Dec-22 20:00:58


He's written a book?

According to Margs - yes!

Thank you for letting us know, Margs 😁

Grannynannywanny Thu 29-Dec-22 20:29:38

Ah well, there’s always Strictly Come Dancing for his next money making venture.

Allsorts Thu 29-Dec-22 20:46:55

No nor Megan’s, those sort of people hold no interest. I would be interested in Chris Packham or Johnny Irwin.

Ro60 Thu 29-Dec-22 23:47:36

Nor me

Chestnut Fri 30-Dec-22 00:17:53

It would be interesting just to enable us to form an opinion. Here's the rundown:

When Covid-19 swept the world, governments scrambled to protect their citizens and chart a course back to normality. As Health Secretary, Matt Hancock was at the forefront of Britain’s battle against the virus, trying to steer the country through the crisis in a world where information was scarce, judgements huge and the roadmap non-existent.

Drawing on a wealth of never-before-seen material, including official records, his notes at the time and communications with all the key players in Britain’s Covid-19 story, this candid account reveals the inner workings of government during a time of national crisis, reflecting on both the successes and the failures.

Recounting the most important decisions in the race to develop a vaccine in record time and to build a nationwide testing capacity from the ground up, Pandemic Diaries provides the definitive account of Britain’s battle to turn the tide against Covid-19. Crucially, it also offers an honest assessment of the lessons we need to learn to be prepared for next time – because there will be a next time.

pinkquartz Fri 30-Dec-22 00:20:59


MayBee70 Fri 30-Dec-22 00:47:00

No. But I’ll be very interested in the outcome of the enquiry about covid to be held in the new year given that me and other tax payers are paying Hancock and Johnson’s legal fees. So don’t intend to pay for his book as well. By the way, didn’t watch him on I’m a Celebrity either.

lixy Fri 30-Dec-22 02:25:53

Not me.

Does this MP have time for doing his actual, well-paid job?

maddyone Fri 30-Dec-22 04:35:34

Nope! Nor will I be buying or reading Spare by Prince Harry.

Ohmother Fri 30-Dec-22 06:44:18

Chestnut you haven’t been tasked to promote the book because of poor sales have you 🤷‍♀️

BlueBelle Fri 30-Dec-22 06:51:13

It would be interesting just to enable us to form an opinion
Ohhhhh Chestnut are you expecting it to be the truth
then ???

Zoejory Fri 30-Dec-22 06:55:13

No. Not interested. And i certainly won't be buying/reading Spare either

Sparklefizz Fri 30-Dec-22 09:23:29

Nope. Didn't know he'd written a book.... and I definitely won't be reading Spare. I never want to hear about those 2 again! I understand it's been half price for pre-ordering for weeks/months. I didn't watch their Netflix series either.