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Meeting 2yr old grandson for first time in a year????

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Holidaywalker Wed 10-Mar-21 13:47:34

Help...I'll soon be meeting my grandson who is just 2 for the first time on a year. I know to take it slowly and calmly with him to give him chance to get used to us but I'm trying to think of activities I can try and draw him ij with. Any suggestions please?


Ohmother Wed 10-Mar-21 14:10:33

If outside find a surface and let him watch you gather some stones, sticks and soil etc and invite him into your ‘shop’. If he doesn’t respond at first just continue and invite mum in to buy something. This imaginary play worked with mine and she ended up taking over my shop.! 😳. Enjoy. X

keepingquiet Wed 10-Mar-21 15:12:26

Just enjoy his company!! You don't say if his parents will be there too but I would take their lead.
Don't expect hugs or offer them either.
Just be relaxed and if you're outdoors run around and just have fun!!

Cathymac Wed 10-Mar-21 15:15:08

My toddler grandson loves a ‘ house ‘. made with bedsheets over a table or a sofa and chair. You could put some soft toys in it for him to play with and you can ‘visit him in his house. Or Hide and Seek is easy and most toddlers love that . Or hide some mini Easter eggs about the house for him to find . Good luck !

PamelaJ1 Wed 10-Mar-21 15:17:54

How fabulous. Enjoy.

timetogo2016 Sun 28-Mar-21 14:31:40

Just take it as it comes Holidayw.
2year olds are a joy,so let him take the lead.
I love g/children.

Nannashirlz Tue 30-Mar-21 11:33:16

Ooh you are lucky my grandkids don’t live near and I’m seeing my now two year old grandson at weekend. I’ve being video calling mine all the way through. Yes young ones don’t really chat but have seen my face. I’d play it by ear obviously letting him take lead. But think my Christmas presents that I didn’t post will work out fine

Hithere Tue 30-Mar-21 11:53:09

I would ask the parents what the child enjoys and agree on an activity