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Friend moved without telling me

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Kestrel Sat 21-Aug-21 18:04:01

I have just discovered that a friend of mine (known her for 7 or 8 years) moved house without telling me. I moved 400 miles away from where we both lived 5 years ago but kept in touch. She has been under a lot of strain due to 2 recent family bereavements. I sent a sympathy card but then found out her house had been sold in May of this year. When I contacted her to ask if she had moved as I'd sent a card, she said that it would reach her because she had a redirection service but didn't give me the new address or say where she had moved to. Last time I visited the area I ran out of time and couldn't see her and felt dreadful about it - I've apologised several times. Is this a tit for tat or am I being too thick to see that the friendship is over? Thanks

Judy54 Wed 25-Aug-21 17:17:01

No Kestrel you are absolutely not a bad friend, don't ever put yourself down. You have done your best to stay in touch and show care and consideration which in my book makes you a very good friend.

Kestrel Wed 25-Aug-21 18:34:41

Thanks Judy

Estrellita Tue 07-Sep-21 11:47:13

My sister and brother in law moved from near us to Devon a few months ago. I have twice asked her for her address (so that I could send her a card) but she has ignored my requests. She never asks about my family (two daughters and seven grandchildren). She has no children herself. We are worlds apart politically. I think our relationship has run its course.