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Pregnant daughters request.

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M0ira Fri 08-Apr-22 12:03:51

Hello lovely grans netters. My daughter lives in another country and I visit as often as I can. She has asked me to paint a mural onto the new babies bedroom wall. I have done a preliminary water colour painting with bunnies, butterflies and bees, trees and wild flowers.
I have one week to do this. Her and her husband are saying that they like some things, but, can the tree be painted a grey colour along with the bunnies. The wild flowers are to be pastel colours etc.
Has anyone else done a mural and could give me some good tips?

M0ira Fri 08-Apr-22 12:05:27

The image is of the water colour painting I did to give her a few ideas.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 08-Apr-22 12:08:46

How amazing! I wish I could do that. You’re so clever. I wouldn’t want the trees to be grey, trees are green!

yggdrasil Fri 08-Apr-22 12:16:02

the leaves are green, the trunks and branches are usually greyish

Helen657 Fri 08-Apr-22 12:21:40

Wow! No advise - I just wanted to say that looks beautiful and you have a wonderful talent!

Yammy Fri 08-Apr-22 12:29:19

You have a rare talent.
My Godfather used to do the same on commission. There's a cottage industry for

Dee1012 Fri 08-Apr-22 12:30:04

I have no tips to offer but wanted to say how lovely that is...

PECS Fri 08-Apr-22 12:39:50

How lovely! A fabulous talent.

I suspect your DD & SiL re trying to keep the room " calm" so want subdued colours, which I can understand.

Whilst you delightful watercolour is not bright maybe they are worried emulsion/ eggshell may show up as brighter, especially on a larger scale. I would just go with what they are asking..mayvalso reduce cost if fewer colours are needed.

It is going to look amazing , even if your trees end up silver birch rather than beech trees!

BlueSapphire Fri 08-Apr-22 12:55:12

That is absolutely beautiful, what a talent you have!

ElaineI Fri 08-Apr-22 13:01:46

Looks wonderful. Perhaps grey goes better with the rest of the room and cot? Anyway what a lovely thing to be asked to do.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 08-Apr-22 13:11:47

I would love to have that in my house and see it every day. I love bunnies. Second childhood perhaps!

Jaxjacky Fri 08-Apr-22 13:49:03

That’s wonderful Moira if they want grey, grey it is.
I think you’ll make an excellent mural, please post a picture of it when done.

PinkCosmos Fri 08-Apr-22 13:58:53

I wish I was as talented as you Moira. smile

I suspect they want the grey as it will match the room better.

As PECS said, could you do silver birch trees rather than 'regular' trees. They have lovely white and grey trunks.

Image not my painting, just something of the interweb!

Zoejory Fri 08-Apr-22 14:01:46

Sorry, no tips I'm afraid!

Just wanted to say how gorgeous your work is, MOira

Grandmadinosaur Fri 08-Apr-22 14:29:54

No tips from me either but want to say I absolutely love it Moira . You’re very talented.

argymargy Fri 08-Apr-22 14:34:58

Me too @M0ira - your work is really lovely.

NotSpaghetti Fri 08-Apr-22 14:38:17

I was just about to suggest silver-birch trees too.

Kalu Fri 08-Apr-22 14:39:43

My goodness M0ira that is truly beautiful and what an envious talent you have. Lucky baby.

Possibly your daughter wants the tree trunks more subtly coloured and silver birch is a good suggestions by PinkCosmos

NotSpaghetti Fri 08-Apr-22 14:46:36

Something like this maybe?

NotSpaghetti Fri 08-Apr-22 14:47:43

Or this:

NotSpaghetti Fri 08-Apr-22 14:49:01

Lots of contemporary murals are quite stylised I feel. Maybe the grey will make it less naturalistic?

crazyH Fri 08-Apr-22 14:49:22

Moira - I so envy you 🤢

LOUISA1523 Fri 08-Apr-22 19:04:33

Its really beautiful....I haven't got an artistic bone in my body so wouldn't dream of giving tips

HowVeryDareYou Fri 08-Apr-22 19:08:22

M0ira That's lovely. How talented you are. I'm jealous smile

Deedaa Fri 08-Apr-22 19:16:16

It looks great. Sorry I can't help with mural painting, I've never been brave enough to attempt anything that big. Hope it turns out really well!