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A romantic proposal of marriage.

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Yammy Mon 09-Jan-23 16:31:32

If you have been proposed to was it romantic and did you accept?
I have been proposed to twice in my life {not boasting] once after a whirlwind romance. It took part on a dark night in the middle of a foot bridge over a lovely river. With spires and medieval buildings all around us.The perfect setting and the promise of a life of bliss.
The other was after a ball. Three sheets to the wind in a long dress and high heels,I was challenged to balance along a long low wall outside a public building and promised a ring the next day, I said I would try if the proposer did first and succeded.
Which do you think I accepted?wink

Sago Mon 09-Jan-23 16:34:47

The second,much more fun!

Redhead56 Mon 09-Jan-23 16:50:53

Unless you was very daring the first one or would you try and balance on anything if three sheets to the wind?

Oreo Mon 09-Jan-23 16:58:28

Was proposed to once a very long time ago and accepted.
It wasn’t done in a romantic way tho, just sitting in a car.
No ring was produced either, he said he thought I’d want to choose my own one.

Oreo Mon 09-Jan-23 16:59:51

I think you accepted the first proposal, it was the most romantic one after all.

gulligranny Mon 09-Jan-23 17:05:47

My most romantic proposal was from Mr. G - on one knee beside Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Not so romantic was then having to help him to his feet (he was 67 at the time!).

Yammy Mon 09-Jan-23 17:51:48


My most romantic proposal was from Mr. G - on one knee beside Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. Not so romantic was then having to help him to his feet (he was 67 at the time!).

Oh! I think that's lovely gullygranny to get down on one knee.

kittylester Mon 09-Jan-23 18:02:52

I think you accepted the second one.

I have been proposed to 3 times (I am boasting) I accepted the first very casual one at the local bowling alley. Then discovered that he wasn't the faithful type.

Didn't accept no 2. My birthday is just after Christmas and he didn't buy me a Christmas present as he couldn't afford both (he actually could) My birthday/Christmas present was a big box of chocolates.

The third one was a month after DH and I met. It was while sitting on the floor in someone's lounge after a Burn's supper. DH was the worse for wear and I assumed he would forget but he rang me first thing the next morning to ask again. 53 years ago now.

Kim19 Mon 09-Jan-23 18:06:09

Second time lucky for me.

Casdon Mon 09-Jan-23 18:13:28

My first proposal was when we were both 7, it had been a two year love affair. We ‘got married’ in the playground at school, with an audience of the rest of the class (no teachers were involved), with real cherry blossom as confetti, complete with the little sticks. It didn’t last - but he is now married to my sister!

Dottydots Mon 09-Jan-23 18:17:18

After my divorce I had four marriage proposals over the years. Once bitten, twice shy, so never took the plunge again.

Harris27 Mon 09-Jan-23 18:25:02

Been married 45 years happy and still going. Nothing romantic with the proposal just sitting in a pub and he just said’ shall we get engaged? I said’ ok then’ be3n. Ore romantic as time went on😂😂😂

MayBee70 Mon 09-Jan-23 18:27:11

The only proposal I ever had was from my ex when he was very drunk one New Year. Like kittylester I told him the next day that I’d let him off because he was so drunk. He never proposed again but we were total soul mates back then and marriage was inevitable. I did get a bit upset once when a work colleague kept flashing her engagement ( we all worked at the same place) ring and he made me a cardboard ring after work and presented it to me. I seem to remember my current partner proposing many years ago ( I’d actually forgotten about it) but in my mind I’ll always be married to the man I was with for over thirty years who is the father of our children.

J52 Mon 09-Jan-23 18:42:56

Twice, once when quite young from romantic hippy type boyfriend, who seemed to think we could live on fresh air in his parents Welsh hillside holiday cottage. Not for me!
Second, late on a romantic evening, didn’t do the one knee thing and I chose my own ring. Still going strong!

Wyllow3 Mon 09-Jan-23 18:57:18

I dont necessarily associate romance with marriage. Love has many shapes and forms.

First time I proposed. Ended amicably after 28 years. It was practical, we'd been living together for 11 years with a son and both wanted to keep each other safe should one of us get ill or die financially and legally protect son, at the time it was the only way pension wise.

Second time he did at home in the kitchen and turned out to be coercive abuser, still extracting myself after 11 years.

An affair in between.

I won't get married again. I believe in lasting love for some and not for others. But I do still want a significant other, but do not want to live with anyone again after number 2. Very cautious and not trusting easily.

But never say never: how can we know what is to come?

However at GN ages, there is usually family involved who have complex feelings - protectiveness, sometimes concerns on money/inheritance as to actual marriage. Times have changed greatly.

As regards to O/P, number 2. More fun.

Ashcombe Mon 09-Jan-23 18:59:51

DH went down one one knee in a crowded shopping precinct in Chartres to put a ring on my finger, which was later substituted for a proper engagement ring. (and I did say yes!)

ixion Mon 09-Jan-23 19:30:05

In the hothouse of a University Botanical Garden.
Well, it was both warm and free - essential for impoverished students😂

Reader, I married him

Marydoll Mon 09-Jan-23 20:07:28

I have had three too. Turned down the first two, I was flattered, but not in love.
Then DH, slightly tipsy told me under a lamp post, three months after we met, that he would dance at my wedding.
I said YES. I knew he was the one, even before I went out with him. I thought he would never ask me out and had actually given up!

Doodle Mon 09-Jan-23 20:12:22

Just the one for me. DH said he would marry me 1 week after we went out for the first time. We’ve been married 52 years now.

Iam64 Mon 09-Jan-23 20:30:56

I turned down mr i’s suggestion we get married. I’d done it once, didn’t enjoy it and feared the institution might spoil our happy life. A year later, he accepted my suggestion we get married. We had lived together 2 years by then. We would have celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary this year 💖💙

Grannybags Mon 09-Jan-23 20:53:24

My DH proposed in bed after sex! We were 'living in sin' as it was called back then. Never had a engagement ring and my wedding ring was £8 from Portobello Road.

Last year we celebrated 50 years!

1summer Mon 09-Jan-23 21:02:20

Never been proposed to, I did marry my lovely husband 40 years ago. After 18 months dating I said to him shall we get married and he said OK - very unromantic.

But we were very happy until his death 5 months ago.🥲

Hellogirl1 Mon 09-Jan-23 21:02:24

I was engaged at 19, but can`t actually remember a proposal. We split up a few months later.
Then after going out with my hubby to be for 3 weeks, he told me he was going to marry me. We married a few months later, and it lasted for just over 53 years before he died.
As for the OP, I`d have accepted the first one, I`m a sucker for romance!

biglouis Mon 09-Jan-23 21:03:14

Ive had two proposals.

The first was in Morocco aged 20 when a very good looking Moroccan with whom Id fallen in love proposed to me. Fortunately I saw sense once I returned home and saw it for the holiday crush it was.

Later my (ex) husband to be said in a matter of fact way "Shall we get married?". Not at all romantic and that didnt work out either. No ones fault. We divorced by mutual consent and I stll hear from him.

I should never have married anyone. Far too strong minded and independent.

Callistemon21 Mon 09-Jan-23 21:15:16

I have been proposed to 3 times (I am boasting)
Me too, kittylester 🙂

The first was a kind of acceptance that we'd get married when he returned from GVSO but we grew apart sad Regrets? I have a few. It was my fault we split though.

The second - romantic but I realised he would have been very controlling.

The third - not a very romantic proposal. But we're still here 😀