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Losing it.

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Peartree Sat 28-Jan-23 18:04:45

I was at my DN yesterday and was telling something that happened to me and half way through the story I completely forgot what I was talking about. I had popped round to see her as Im going to look after her baby for 2 days when she goes back to work. I was a bit embarrassed in case she thought I was losing it and if I would be capable to look after baby. I said I had baby brain being near hers she said its a thing. The thing is I can usually remember what I was saying a bit later but for the life of me it never came back. I think I need to exercise my brain.

JaneJudge Sat 28-Jan-23 18:06:13

oh i forgot what i was talking about too yesterday and then i thought about it for a bit and then remembered. I have been a bit headachy, migraine type feeling the past couple of days though - its also January

1987H2001M2002Inanny Sat 28-Jan-23 18:11:58

I know what you mean Peartree. The worst time this happened to me was when I was going through a very busy time and I said to my then fiance "What's that afternoon thing we're doing this Friday"? He replied " Do you mean our wedding"? I was horrifed and apologised for the ages afterwards !

crazyH Sat 28-Jan-23 18:19:52

1987Nanny - you’re having us on, aren’t you ?

BlueBelle Sat 28-Jan-23 18:29:02

What’s a DN district nurse ?

1987H2001M2002Inanny Sat 28-Jan-23 18:31:30

Crazy H,if you mean me then no,I just had brain fade.It was 2008 and my second marriage as an older woman.Maybe that was why,who knows !!

FarNorth Sat 28-Jan-23 18:32:36

Dear Niece?

Peartree Sat 28-Jan-23 18:35:41

Yes Dear Niece.

Shinamae Sat 28-Jan-23 18:40:45


What’s a DN district nurse ?

Just what I was wondering…

Marydoll Sat 28-Jan-23 19:24:54



What’s a DN district nurse ?

Just what I was wondering…

and I! grin

MerylStreep Sat 28-Jan-23 19:34:28

I thought it was dear neighbour.

crazyH Sat 28-Jan-23 19:36:29

1987..nanny - he must have forgiven you because it seems you are still married to him

Georgesgran Sat 28-Jan-23 20:09:57

I’ve just gone to put my burglar alarm code into the central heating thermostat - both in the hall - but it’s been a long day!

Peartree Sun 29-Jan-23 13:28:06

I thought it was obvious that DN was Dear Niece!why would I write District Nurse or Dear Neighbour.?

Peartree Sun 29-Jan-23 13:30:08

Im going back to mumsnet at least they would know what I was writing about🤷‍♀️

JaneJudge Sun 29-Jan-23 13:34:29

lol @ it being a district nurse

silverlining48 Sun 29-Jan-23 13:36:44

Do they talk about neices on MN? We dont talk much about them here. I wonder why and I thought it was neighbour too....grin

LRavenscroft Sun 29-Jan-23 15:21:12

I was telling my husband something the other day while we were driving. I then forgot what I was saying and asked him to remind me and he answered 'I wasn't listening' so don't know.

silverlining48 Sun 29-Jan-23 15:39:01

That conversation is familiar Ravenscroft. .

1987H2001M2002Inanny Sun 29-Jan-23 16:45:21

Yes crazyH. I wish I could clone him so a great many women could experience such a lovely life. I only hate his smoking and drinking on a weekend because I want him to stay with me forever.

Redhead56 Sun 29-Jan-23 20:19:53

I often forget what I was about to say usually when I am not busy.
You don't need to exercise your brain. Looking after a baby will give you plenty of physical and mental exercise.

welbeck Sun 29-Jan-23 20:57:43


I thought it was obvious that DN was Dear Niece!why would I write District Nurse or Dear Neighbour.?

well, it obviously was not obvious, since at least 6 people were puzzled by it.

MawtheMerrier Sun 29-Jan-23 21:35:58

If NDN means Next Door Neighbour (as it often seems to) then DN could well be Dear Neighbour confused
Why not say “Niece” ?

crazyH Sun 29-Jan-23 22:00:34

Peartree - I have also become very forgetful. It happens as we get older. There are lots of brain training games online. I’ve done one or two, but I must do more.

Hetty58 Sun 29-Jan-23 22:28:37

Georgesgran, I've tried to change the tv channel - on my mobile (more than once) and can't always recall names (but can picture the faces) of family members. I have no idea of their birthdays, either. It's not a new thing, though, just the way my brain works (or doesn't) - so I don't worry about it.