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The catholic church is responsible for the actions of priests.

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Greatnan Sun 15-Jul-12 07:38:17

Many dioceses have tried to claim that they are not responsible for the actions of abusive priests, because they were not employees but office holders. The courts have now ruled that this is not the case, opening up the possibility for victims to claim compensation from the church.

Bags Sun 15-Jul-12 08:27:55

Good news. At last! The church should report any abuse it hears of from its office bearers to the police, like every other honest person is expected to do.

JessM Sun 15-Jul-12 08:43:48

The failure of Raz. and co to take responsibility for this is astounding. Which courts greatnan ?

snapshot Sun 15-Jul-12 08:49:48

It's about time this question of priestly responsibility was pinned on securely like the tail on the donkey .. a lot of affected families will be ticking off another chapter in this long running shambles .. shame it seems to be an ongoing saga and not a short story.

Bags Sun 15-Jul-12 08:56:18

Yeah. So much for all the lectures about penance and punishment that we used to get from the same church! And no, prayers will NOT do as penance. angry

Greatnan Sun 15-Jul-12 08:59:18

It was the Appeal Court. And, of course, a priest is writing in today's Catholic Herald to say it is an assault on religious freedom! He says this will mean that Canon Law can be over-ruled by the law of the stat - well, halleluyah!

goldengirl Sun 15-Jul-12 16:36:02

If the Catholic Church were a company it would be responsible for the actions of its staff. Priests deal with vulnerable people and there are too many taking advantage of their position. It is imperative that priests should be accountable. Thank goodness the Appeal Court has taken this decision; it's long overdue.

Elegran Sun 15-Jul-12 16:56:38

Presumably the Catholic Church feels itself accountable to its ultimate boss - God. They also should know that the boss's highest ambassador to earth - Christ - is recorded as saying more or less that :-

a) The best treatment for whoever offends against one of these little ones is that a millstone be tied around his neck and he should be thrown into deepest hell.

and b) render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's - ie as a citizen you are subject to the usual civil laws as well as church ones.

JessM Sun 15-Jul-12 17:01:31

If Raz and Co. were a company they would not be allowed to set up their own "state" and pay no taxes.
Of course by claiming not employers you can dodge all kinds of responsibilities like paying NI. Complying with employment law. etc

So the Appeal court in the UK. Good.

jeni Sun 15-Jul-12 17:17:45

Interesting that. I work for the ministry of justice and am an office holder. If the MOJ now is of the opinion that an office holder should be regarded as similar to an employee. What are the implications for me!
I look forward to discussing at tribunal!

Greatnan Sun 15-Jul-12 18:19:15

When I was training to be a tax inspector, we spent a long time on this very point. I wish I had kept all my manuals as I have been retired for 12 years, but I think the differences are how much autonomy you have in carrying out your duties, could you appoint someone in your place, do you receive sick pay, paid holidays, pension rights, etc.
Could you kindly do something very bad and get sued and then we will see if the Ministry of Justice will take responsibility. grin

jeni Sun 15-Jul-12 18:22:08

No nononoetc yes.
Why did you need training to be an extortionist? grin

Greatnan Sun 15-Jul-12 18:34:08

Common misconception, jeni - the government sets the taxes, HMRC just collects them! (Unless you are Vodophone, of course - don't get me started!)