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Endless fascination with the possibility of the "afterlife" ;

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wotanuisanceABC123 Wed 14-Oct-15 19:51:24

Has anyone else, without proof positive been fascinated with the afterlife, spiritual communication etc? I have been since aged 8

wotanuisanceABC123 Thu 15-Oct-15 20:44:45

My user name came about after I'd had trouble sequestering...I am too impatient! My interest came about after seeing apparitions in our old house
Also, for some reason, I learnt to read at very young age and used to get books from the adult library and being very interested in things which would give depth and meaning to life. I am not intelligent or well educated but need more from life than just what we see. So I read every book I could get my hands on. I can't seem to write registered on this kindle

wotanuisanceABC123 Thu 15-Oct-15 20:48:25

Quite unkind messages I feel.

Ana Thu 15-Oct-15 20:53:22

You were lucky, wot, when I was young you were only allowed to borrow children's books from the library until you were a certain age (can't remember what that was, but it was probably about 11).

I was very interested in things spiritual, crystals etc. when I was younger, but somehow real life and experiences took over.

Alea Thu 15-Oct-15 21:32:35

sequester - Dictionary Definition :
The word sequester describes being kept away from others. If your sister tells you to stay out of the way so she can cook dinner for her new boyfriend, you might...

Excuse me for being dim but can you explain what you mean by
"my username came about after I'd had difficulty sequestering"
I just don't follow this.

What gives rise to your comment about "unkind messages" too? And the reference to your Kndle?
I feel I am living in a parallel universe or have missed some vital item of information along the line. confused

Elegran Thu 15-Oct-15 21:48:30

Did you mean registering when your kindle you typed sequestering?

Alea Thu 15-Oct-15 21:52:56

Ah, good point Elegran my iPad has a mind of its own too, and comes up with some weird and wonderful sentences!

wotanuisanceABC123 Thu 15-Oct-15 21:55:13

Yes, my kindle has a mind of its own. I meant registering.

wotanuisanceABC123 Thu 15-Oct-15 21:57:34

Thank you so much for your help with the meaning of the wrong word. When I say "Kindle" I mean kindle iPad. Pompous or what

annodomini Thu 15-Oct-15 22:03:16

When my DGD was 6, she was telling an adult that one of their chickens had died. The adult, thinking she was a sweet little girl, asked if the hen had gone to heaven to which DGD replied,'Oh no, Daddy wrapped it in a black bag and put it in the bin.'

Luckygirl Thu 15-Oct-15 22:04:50

I hope there is not an afterlife as, with my blooming luck, I would finish up berthed next to Hitler!

Alea Thu 15-Oct-15 22:12:20

Who are you calling "pompous"? Only asking what you meant.
(Or is that another result of predictive texting?)

Inspired guess by Elegran though, would never have got there on my own.
You still haven't really explained what is behind your original post though. Apparitions , you say, of whom or what?

boheminan Thu 15-Oct-15 22:27:18

wotanuisanceABC123 As this topic of this thread fascinates me. I would like to have had a chance to discuss it further, and have tried unsuccessfully, to PM you. Yes...I have good reason to believe in an afterlife.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 15-Oct-15 22:30:54

Why the hell should a poster have to explain the reason behind an original post? hmm

Think you jumped in there far too quickly too Alea.

Alea Thu 15-Oct-15 23:28:36

Oh FFS it's called taking a (polite) interest.
I said, if you look at my response to OP's question

Not personally, but would you like to tell us more in response to OP's question.
What's so awful about that?
Other members just said "No" so are you having a go at them too?
So please, pretty please tell me what in the name of the wee man is wrong with what I said?
I don't expect you will respond as it seems some people , in your words, tend to jump in too quickly.
Remind me to restrict my responses to monosyllables in future. angry

Anya Thu 15-Oct-15 23:40:51

What were man?

Anya Thu 15-Oct-15 23:41:38

What wee man?

This iPad us about to get a good kicking!

Anya Thu 15-Oct-15 23:43:09

I don't have an 'endless fascination' with the afterlife, but I've had a couple of experiences I'd rather not repeat.

Alea Thu 15-Oct-15 23:44:05

"In the name of the wee man"?
Something we used to say in Scotland, I assume a euphemism for "in the name of God", I never gave much thought to "the wee man", as I said, just a turn of phrase.

gillybob Thu 15-Oct-15 23:45:03

Oh come on. I was rather enjoying this thread.

Alea Thu 15-Oct-15 23:46:07

I am still waiting for it to get started!

boheminan Fri 16-Oct-15 00:10:40

...And another potentially interesting thread bites the dust..

Alea Fri 16-Oct-15 00:19:22

Where are all other members' experiences?

Grannyknot Fri 16-Oct-15 08:16:54

Imagine yourself as a new poster on Gransnet reading the first few replies to (maybe your first) post: a couple of blunt "No" responses and then a question to the OP in the third person.

Anyway, wotanuisanceABC123 hello and welcome to GN if you're new smile

I don't know whether there is an afterlife or not. I think (believe) that we go back to being stardust. I'm still wrestling with the concept of energy, as in a "life force" or "spirit" and what happens to that when we die.

Alea Fri 16-Oct-15 08:23:40

Well my question was not in the third person
Not personally, but would you like to tell us more?
so I am still in the dark as to how I transgressed ( according to Jingl)

boheminan Fri 16-Oct-15 08:46:50

Okay Alea, I'll open up on 'other members' experiences'.

Due to the fact that earlier this year I had to have my home 'cleansed' twice, once by an experienced Medium and once by a respected Paranormal group, yes, I do believe in the afterlife.