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Shelbel Mon 04-Oct-21 15:35:08

Watch out for a scam on what's app. Using info gained from fb.
DH's secretary received a message on what's up saying 'hi, it's your daughter. This is my new number. Then 2 days later he got another message from that number asking if he could help her, she had a bill needed paying. 5,000 euro (£4,925). Could he help and she would pay it back when she could. He paid it. It turned out it was not his daughter. They got his address from fb and looked up his phone number then made a WhatsApp account in her name. Simple as that.

I do think he's been very naive to be honest but it happens. People worry about their AC and some do pay bill for them at times. It's a lot of money though. There's no way I would part with that much without thorough checks etc.

tanith Mon 04-Oct-21 16:04:32

I would immediately phone the person to check with them.

MerylStreep Mon 04-Oct-21 16:11:31

What a shame no one thought to make a good old fashioned phone call.

rafichagran Mon 04-Oct-21 16:18:04

Poor man, yes he should have made that phone call, and been suspicious. I think panic set in as it was his daughter.

lemsip Mon 04-Oct-21 16:20:30

hi it's your daughter is a very strange term to use to a parent......scam alert should have kicked in immediately...........

Dibbydod Mon 04-Oct-21 16:25:38

I’ve noticed there are some people on Facebook that include their mobile number on their profile and it’s for everyone to see on their ‘ about ‘ page . There are settings on Facebook that YOU can decide who see’s what . So always best to look into it . I personally have not put my mobile number on Facebook and I’m very careful who sees what I post , like every post that I put up I always make sure , in settings, that only friends can see what I post .

Shelbel Mon 04-Oct-21 17:11:05

I agree, a lot of it sounds so silly but I always think that when I hear of these scams. I'm very cautious. Maybe he didn't think anything wrong with 'it's your daughter' because of the different telephone number. But not to have called the number to check is very silly Imo.
Just wanted everyone out there to know, just in case they start to get even more sneaky.

maddyone Thu 14-Oct-21 15:12:32

Shelbel, my husband and I fell for the same scam yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t see this thread, but I made my own thread about it as I really want as many people as possible to see it and be aware. Luckily our bank are dealing with it and recovering the payment and all being well we won’t have lost anything. Our daughter lives abroad and works some days and we assumed this was what made it difficult for us to speak to her, because we rang multiple times and each time the call was rejected. We also knew her husband was working and didn’t want to bother him either. We found out we’d been scammed this morning when we video called them. I feel a real numpty, because we’ve always been pretty savvy about scams are always advising our elderly parents about them. I feel this one got through, although we were uncomfortable about it and we both felt it was a bit strange, but it got through because we thought our daughter needed the money.

JenniferEccles Thu 14-Oct-21 15:34:22

Who on earth says ‘hi it’s your daughter’ instead of using their name ?

NfkDumpling Thu 14-Oct-21 17:07:36

They're very good at scamming now. I had a close call yesterday. A text from Hermes saying to get in touch to arrange redelivery of a package before it was returned to sender. Everything looked completely genuine. First screen - put in your post code. Second screen - verify my name, address - and date of birth! No mention either of the delivery number. Scam!

MerylStreep Thu 14-Oct-21 17:25:12

I’m so suspicious of everything involving tech and my money that when I received a text from my bank that there was suspicious activity on my card, I ignored it.
Then they phoned me. I ended the call and phoned them on a different phone. Something everyone should do if they get a call from their bank. The reason being that if the phone call is a scam they will have control of your phone and you could well be phoning the scammers and not your bank.

maddyone Thu 14-Oct-21 18:58:28

This is the message I received;

Hi mum, this is my new number. My phone doesn’t turn on anymore so now you can text and call me on this number. 👍

It was a very plausible message, and I’ve received similar from family members and friends when they’ve changed their phones. I was taken in and I was a complete Wally. I just hope others can learn from my experience and my stupidity.

Good advice Meryl.

Kate1949 Thu 14-Oct-21 19:43:48

As posted on the other thread, my daughter had a similar message to maddyone 'Hi mom' etc. She said had her daughter not been in the room with her, she would have believed it was her.