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facebook scam?

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Grammaretto Thu 14-Oct-21 18:51:27

A cousin, a facebook friend who I never see because she's the other side of the world, messaged me today to ask how I am. So fa, so good so I replied in friendly fashion and asked her how she was.
"She" answered with a question asking if I had heard of the facebook $$$$$.
I have stopped writing but should I report this somehow and if so, to whom?

I have emailed my cousin to tell her that a dodgy message purporting to come from her, came to me.

Ali08 Mon 18-Oct-21 11:31:39

Did the message come through Facebook at all?
If/when she replies and she says it wasn't her, then there should be a way to report it on Fb.

FarNorth Mon 18-Oct-21 11:47:03

There is a way to report it to facebook.

I got a fb message from a friend saying hi, how are you doing.
I replied and they then said they'd had some good news and mentioned an investment thing.

I thought that was a little odd so I looked at their page. It had the right photo of the person and had friends whose names I knew, wishing the person happy birthday.
It had very few posts, though.

A quick check showed the person's real page which had a completely different birthday listed.

I reported it to facebook as "impersonating someone" and it vanished very quickly.

FarNorth Mon 18-Oct-21 11:55:39

Click on the person's picture, at the top of the message. Then a list should come up which has "Something's Wrong" near the end. Click on that to report.