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Calendargirl Sun 05-Dec-21 13:18:33


Got an e mail this morning informing me that unfortunately my Netflix account is going to be suspended as they are unable to take payment due today. I just need to update my card details with them.

Seeing as I have never used Netflix, am not too worried if they do!

But one might be caught out if they are a subscriber.

Ali08 Sat 11-Dec-21 12:01:13

Thank you, Calendargirl.

Have a lovely day.

biglouis Thu 20-Jan-22 03:18:50

Yes I got this too! As I had only updated my card details the previous month I was not impressed.

If you get any kind of email from an organization you do have financial links with (Ebay/Paypal/Amazon etc) its best to go directly to the site and not via any links in emails. Then you can look at your account details to see if there is a problem.