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Mapleleaf Tue 17-May-22 17:29:26

Simon tried to deliver here, too, on Sunday. We were, apparently, not in. Oh yes we were, and about 2 metres from the front door, gardening, where he had supposedly tried to deliver to our front door.
Another scam one appeared today on my phone, supposedly from ofgem declaring we could claim our “rebate” if we kindly set up a direct debit so they can pay us the money. Yes, right.

NanOf8Girls Mon 16-May-22 22:25:06

Me too. Simon tried to deliver a parcel to me a few weeks ago. As soon as I realised it was after my money, I deleted it.

biglouis Mon 16-May-22 21:04:00

There is always another way of checking without clicking on links or ringing supposed phone numbers. I would never do anything suggested to me in a text or e-mail. If I was curious I'd go to the courier's website

I get a fair number of packages from abroad - usually by Fedex or DHL. I always track them daily on the courier sites and you can pay any customs duty there too. So when I get a message telling me they need a payment of £X to deliver a parcel I know its a scam.

Callistemon21 Tue 03-May-22 10:54:22

I was just telling DH about the scam text purporting to be from Simon of the Post Office when the doorbell rang and there was the postman with a parcel.
I told him and he said yes, he'd had a text from 'Simon' only yesterday 😃

Oldwoman70 Tue 03-May-22 08:11:17

My reaction these days is to distrust any such emails, texts or phone calls.

I had a problem with my new laptop (it died) - took it to the local IT expert I had purchased it from who replaced it but without my knowing reported the problem to the company to be reimbursed. Received a phone call saying they were from computers - told them to go away!! It was only later that I thought they were probably ringing to discuss the problem and, perhaps, offer some compensation! Still better safe than sorry

Serendipity22 Mon 02-May-22 21:48:05

I had this last week.

HousePlantQueen Mon 02-May-22 21:41:53

These scams do get tiresome! We were advertising something for sale on FB marketplace and DH got a message from a would be purchaser. They said they couldn't collect as had no car, fair enough, but then said she would send a courier with the cash. Fortunately I had read about this scam so told DH to refuse. You really have to keep up with these scammers.

FoghornLeghorn Mon 02-May-22 20:51:10

That Simon is a very busy boy. He tried to deliver to me last week. He’s obviously their sole employee. 😂

Iam64 Mon 02-May-22 20:40:19

You need your wits about you- I’m afraid my wits are a bit stretched currently

Kim19 Mon 02-May-22 19:40:31

Thank you Fanny. I'll always be grateful for the time you saved me from my own stupidity with something similar to this.

Iam64 Mon 02-May-22 17:16:01

FannyC I was expecting a parcel yesterday. I had exactly the same text, clicked through to the point they ask for £1.29 or whatever and deleted it

Callistemon21 Mon 02-May-22 16:24:22

Gosh, FannyCornforth, Simon must be a busy boy!
He was delivering in my area yesterday

I blocked the number the other week when some woman was trying to deliver a PO parcel too but they keep persisting.

Thanks for posting the warning on here.

Chestnut Mon 02-May-22 15:58:55

There is always another way of checking without clicking on links or ringing supposed phone numbers. I would never do anything suggested to me in a text or e-mail. If I was curious I'd go to the courier's website.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 02-May-22 10:12:56

I recently had a text, allegedly from PayPal informing me that I needed to update my details. I ignored it and when I have used PayPal it had been fine. Those parcel texts though from Royal Mail and other couriers, I get all the time. I’ve probably deleted genuine messages. But hey ho, I haven’t lost a parcel yet.

henetha Mon 02-May-22 10:07:18

Thank you for this FannyCornforth. Its getting more difficult to know which ones are genuine. I think I sometimes delete genuine ones, so paranoid I have become!

FannyCornforth Mon 02-May-22 09:47:13

Last night (around 1.30am) I received this text message.

It is 100% a scam.

They don’t have my phone number.

They don’t deliver on a Sunday.

I am always in.

I wasn’t expecting a parcel.

The website the text links to is not genuine.

Please be aware!