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Another Post Office scam

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ayse Fri 06-May-22 21:09:01

Received an email today purporting to be from the Post Office. Usual thing saying they needed payment to deliver a parcel. It did have the sender which is a genuine company in Tunbridge Wells. Contacted family to see if any of them had sent anything. I decided to copy and paste the tracking number provided to the post office tracking page on the post office website. Low and behold the number was not recognised. I had already checked the senders address that looked genuine. I’ve deleted the email.

Whiterabbit1956 Sat 14-May-22 14:19:38

I'd orfered some skull crusher coffee and it was expected on the day I received an email saying that they had dried to delver a package. To redelive rit would cost me a certain amount of money. It was only a few quid, so I used my card to pay for it. Literally ten minutes later my coffee was delivered, at which point I realized it was a scam, so I rang my bank and cancelled my card explaining the scam. Thankfully nothing had been removed from the account apart from the few quid I'd paid for a re delivery charge. The same people then rang me a day later; I just put the phone down and reported the number. I lost the few pounds I'd paid, but if my actual package had not been delivered sooner I may have had my bank balance severely reduced. I have a few accounts, with the one I use online only having enough to cover the months outgoings. Money is automatically put into the bank every month from my main account, which I never use online.

I've had similar emails since, but knowing what happened and knowing I haven't ordered anything that it is a scam.

Back in the 70's when I was in the army and just 19 years old, I was in an off camp Toc H recreation and snack bar somewhere in Germany or Belgium (can't remember exactly where it was now, the main memory apart from a meeting with two gangsters, the wooden floor boards and buying my first ever peach melba yogurt from the snack bar and loving it)

Two burly looking guys wearing smart Crombie's (the ones with velvet collars) approached me looking like heavies from a criminal gang. They sat down at my table and asked me if I would like to make a quick profit They said If I gave them £500 (which back then was about my monthly salary), they would double it in a few hours and return with an extra £500. Thankfully I was wise enough not to fall for the scam.

Whiterabbit1956 Sat 14-May-22 14:20:34

please excuse the typo's

MawtheMerrier Sat 14-May-22 16:12:57

An old one - there have been threads on this before, but its wise to be aware I suppose.

25Avalon Sat 14-May-22 21:14:57

I had one this morning claiming to be from TV licensing. It said my direct debit had failed and I needed to click on the link or my TV would be disconnected. Furthermore I could be fined. Bye bye into the delete box. Worrying though that some poor soul could be taken in.