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In the Guardian, no less...

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Bags Fri 12-Oct-12 08:27:44

... it is acknowledged that the new Environment Minister, Owen Paterson, though a known "climate sceptic" is, nevertheless, "no climate change denier". It was worth reading this article if only to discover that even in the Guardian there is a glimmer at last that using stupid labels for people is not helpful in tackling the actual issues we are faced with.

glitabo Fri 12-Oct-12 20:23:19

The link is not working.sad

Bags Fri 12-Oct-12 20:44:04

Will try and find it for you, glitabo and repost....

glitabo Fri 12-Oct-12 20:50:42

Thank you.

Bags Fri 12-Oct-12 20:52:57

Here we are: article about Owen Paterson.