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Watch the world's population growing

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Elegran Wed 29-Jan-14 11:53:26

Stansgran Thu 30-Jan-14 09:34:22

How can they know? Are these registered births and deaths or just guesses ie statistics?

Aka Thu 30-Jan-14 09:47:17

I think they just make a guess don't you * Stansgran*? It's not as if anyone has done a censor is it in these primitive countries where they're all still living in grass huts or caves hmm

Aka Thu 30-Jan-14 09:54:29

censor census ... viz
'In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered'

Luke 2:1

durhamjen Thu 30-Jan-14 10:37:54

Aka, the world was a lot smaller then, or at least the world that mattered to Caesar Augustus. Did all the Roman soldiers that were living in Britain have to go back to where they were born?
If you look at the page directed to at the top, there is a link to the rest of the statistics. Great Britain is 22nd.
Scrolling down shows you how they collect and update, etc.

AlieOxon Thu 30-Jan-14 10:59:30

That is SCARY.
Doesn't the world feel a lot smaller now?

Aka Thu 30-Jan-14 11:30:44

Jen I was teasing!
Anyway when I looked at that clock thing I was overwhelmed by an urge to just sit and watch it tick round and round and round and round.....think I've a touch of OCD hmm

durhamjen Thu 30-Jan-14 11:43:09

I realised that, Aka, but it did get me thinking. It would take the Roman soldiers a long time to get back to where they were born.

Something that's not a joke is that the government is thinking of cancelling the next census because the last one cost so much.

Aka Thu 30-Jan-14 12:22:39

You're obviously a lateral thinker Jen that would never have occurred to me. But can you imagine the outcry and chaos if that was to be tried in this century? grin
Motorway systems clogged up, delays at airports and ferry terminals, mass migration... Poor old Mary, she was in an advanced state of pregnancy too.

AlieOxon Thu 30-Jan-14 13:47:25

Thought...a cartoon I saw once saying to the first aliens to arrive
' Go home - Earth is full!'