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annodomini Wed 26-Nov-14 10:26:58

What is the name for a gathering of jackdaws? There are vast numbers in our village and yesterday I counted at least forty in the big oak tree close to my house. The noise was incredible - they were joined by a solitary magpie to add to the racket. I would love to call a group like this 'a squabble' of jackdaws but I'm sure that there's another equally evocative name.

whenim64 Wed 26-Nov-14 11:21:32

I heard from a friend that they're called a 'clattering', anno. Driving through your village in an hour so I'll keep my eyes peeled - it must be a fabulous sight!

Elegran Wed 26-Nov-14 11:29:30

For a moment I thought that is was a "Parliament" but I believe that is crows or rooks.

Anne58 Wed 26-Nov-14 11:30:38

It seems to be either a clattering or a train.

I saw a fantastic murmuration of starlings on Saturday!

Anne58 Wed 26-Nov-14 11:31:37

Parliament is owls, Elegran, crows are a murder and larks are an exultation.

(I think)

Anne58 Wed 26-Nov-14 11:33:08

Just a thought, are you sure they were Jackdaws and not rooks?

whenim64 Wed 26-Nov-14 11:51:33

We have rooks marauding on the parkland, looking like bovver boys waiting for someone to get in their way. They walk around chattering and posturing, head down but eyes on me and my dog when we pass by. Fascinating to observe!

annodomini Wed 26-Nov-14 23:16:30

Jackdaws are smaller than rooks, phoenix and much more 'chatty'. The sound is quite different. I've seen them in an evening going to roost in a big flock, almost like starlings. I had to eject a pair from my unused chimney a few years ago. They were dropping all sorts of things down in the hope of finding a nesting place - an iron bolt was a bit puzzling, along with all the moss and stones. We do have other corvids: crows, rooks, magpies and jays.

Anne58 Thu 27-Nov-14 08:13:30

Jack and I hand reared a jackdaw many years ago.

NfkDumpling Thu 27-Nov-14 08:15:56

How lovely Phoenix. Although - was he housetrained?

thatbags Thu 27-Nov-14 08:58:36

Lovely Twitter feed about a magpie @breesophiebree

Sophie is the magpie and "male" (a human) looks after her.

Tegan Thu 27-Nov-14 09:04:31

Strangely enough there was a gathering of some kind of bird in my neighbours tree yesterday and they were very noisy. No idea what they were, though, and they've gone now.

Anne58 Thu 27-Nov-14 09:10:54

Unfortunately not Nfk ! After the first few days he was moved from the kitchen to an adapted shed/aviary, and the whole idea was that once he was able to fly he could come and go as he pleased. There was a new house being built next door, and once he got a bit better at flying, he used to go and harass visit the workmen when they were having their sandwiches!

The first few flying attempts were a sight to behold! We had trained him to come when we tapped on his food bowl (initially he was feed using tweezers to get the food into the right place) so when it was felt he might be ready, he was taken out (he would hop onto an offered hand) put on a low section of the garden wall, we would stand a few feet away near the other part and tap the dish. There were a few crash landings, but he got there in the end!

broomsticks Fri 28-Nov-14 17:42:57

We have jackdaws too with their little grey hoods on. I have a theory that they keep the magpies away which I am grateful for, otherwise is spend my life saying 'How's the wife?' to the annoying things. Dunno what the collective noun is though.

rosesarered Fri 28-Nov-14 19:25:21

A clattering train?smileWe have them in the garden and they hover next to the nut feeders a bit like hummingbirds [but not so elegant] whilst they poke their ruddy great beaks into the mesh to extract the peanuts.

NfkDumpling Fri 28-Nov-14 19:26:33

Apparently the collective name is a clattering. Seems apt. We have quite a few around here and they're quite tame coming to the bird table very near the house. When I was young I craved a jackdaw as a pet. I did have a black headed gull which had been shot in the wing for a couple of years - but he was a vicious b****r!