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Genetic differences across the UK reflecting regional identities

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Elegran Wed 18-Mar-15 23:07:59

A genetic map of the UK

Nelliemoser Wed 18-Mar-15 23:25:38

Elegran It's very unfair of you to try to keep me awake at night by posting interesting articles to read at nearly half past 11 at night.

I can get distracted by stuff on t'internet quite well enough by myself. wink I will have a look tomorrow. Night Night.

Leticia Thu 19-Mar-15 07:05:03

I should think that all gets diluted even more today. I am very definitely English, I am back to the 18th century with my family history, but I don't come from anywhere in particular. I have moved around a lot, my parents moved around a lot and my grandparents moved from their place of birth- even my 4x great grandparents moved. I live in a town where you are far more likely to meet 'incomers' than those born and bred here.
I would think it was all to the good that we were so mixed.

vampirequeen Thu 19-Mar-15 07:12:56

That was fascinating. We, in the better part of God's own county, have always known that there was something different about the Wessies. Now we've been proved correct. They're genetically odd.

Elegran Thu 19-Mar-15 10:09:47

What is most fascinating is that so many of those tested were not as mixed as you would have expected.

They did choose those whose four grandparents came from around the same area, of course, so they are showing the genetic identity as it was two generations ago, not necessarily as it is now.

Leticia Thu 19-Mar-15 16:43:23

I hadn't read that they were testing those who lived where the grandparents lived. There will however be far fewer like that in the future.