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The Elephants who came to dinner

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Auntieflo Wed 11-May-16 12:26:25

Since a baby elephant leant on me in Thailand, I have been hooked, so you might like to see this short video of The Elephants who came to Dinner

Liz46 Wed 11-May-16 14:14:28

What a lovely film. I too am a fan of elephants. We visited the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka and patted the babies. The driver then took us to another place where we got into a river with two big elephants. The elephants lay down and we scrubbed them with coconut shells.
On another trip, the minibus driver spotted a working elephant coming out of the jungle. He stopped the bus and told us to get out. I was frightened of the huge, male elephant to start with until the keeper (not to sure of the correct word there) gave the elephant orders and the elephant obeyed him instantly. I have a photo of me stroking the elephant's trunk and some smiling local people watching. I had thought we were in the middle of nowhere so don't know where they had come from!

Alima Wed 11-May-16 14:22:55

Beautiful. (Shame, we did not see a herd pass through the reception of Sidcup Travelodge the other day. Maybe next time).

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 11-May-16 14:28:39


Greyduster Wed 11-May-16 14:40:42

That was amazing! How lovely that the lodge have had the presence of mind (and the courage) to leave the route open for the elephants. Puts me in mind of the old 1954 film "Elephant Walk" where a planter, against the advice of the locals, builds his plantation across the migration route of a herd of elephants and eventually, the ele's get their own back, big style!

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 11-May-16 14:56:16

Very sweet little baby. Amazing all round.

Alea Wed 11-May-16 15:09:38

You mean you missed them? alima grin
(Maybe they went to the Premier Inn)

merlotgran Wed 11-May-16 16:20:36

OMG, duster. My older brother took me to see Elephant Walk when I was eight. It terrified me and I couldn't sleep for weeks. My mother was not amused when I kept asking her to check in the wardrobe and under the bed every night. grin

Lovely film, Liz46.

Marmark1 Thu 12-May-16 08:53:48

Would love to do that liz46, alas,will have to win the lottery.