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Why zebras have stripes. Answered...

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thatbags Mon 06-Feb-17 08:07:17 Time Caro, known as The Man in the Zebra Suit. People have been trying to find the answer since Alfred Russel Wallace. Really good story about how he found out. It took him twenty years of fantastic observational science.

And has led to more questions, as good science always does.


Greyduster Mon 06-Feb-17 08:50:17

Wow! Who would have thought that! I always thought it was if you have a load of striped animals all running he'll for leather, it would be harder to keep track of the one you were chasing. Thanks for that, bags.

Greyduster Mon 06-Feb-17 08:51:06

Hell, not he'll ((sigh)).

Alima Mon 06-Feb-17 08:58:16

This could be a huge help to Scottish tourism. Supply zebra onesies to the tourists to confuse the midges!

rosesarered Mon 06-Feb-17 09:41:20

grin yes, the Highlands need them.
This is really interesting stuff!

MawBroon Mon 06-Feb-17 10:09:02

No, this is why. grin

Greyduster Mon 06-Feb-17 19:11:33

I love that! grin