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Lidl vegetable and fruit bags.

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shysal Fri 16-Aug-19 10:19:41

I noticed on their newsletter that they are now selling re-usable washable mesh bags to use instead of the flimsy single-use plastic ones for loose produce. About 20 years ago I made my own from voile fabric, with a drawstring. They are still going strong after many washes. It is nice to see that Lidl are making an effort.
Were you ahead of your time with any environmentally friendly measures?

merlotgran Fri 16-Aug-19 10:27:39

I've always saved paper bags. It's what my parents did. I remember my MiL commenting on it as well as my washing out of glass jars and hanging washed out plastic bags on the line so they could be re-used. I still do it.

There's no doubt she thought it a waste of time.

I just let loose fruit and veg roll around the trolley with the rest of the shopping and group them together on the conveyer belt.