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Daffodil shoots..

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farview Mon 23-Dec-19 16:19:52

On a walk with my granddaughters yesterday..we passed many clumps of 6inch daffodil shoots...unusual for December?

Opal Mon 23-Dec-19 16:22:30

One of my favourite flowers, it means Spring is on the way, lovely smile

phoenix Mon 23-Dec-19 16:25:32

A brave little narcissus (sp?) was actually flowering in one of the tubs at work when I left on Thursday.

silverlining48 Mon 23-Dec-19 16:26:24

In Norfolk recently we saw daffs in a garden already in flower.

MerylStreep Mon 23-Dec-19 16:34:58

Same here in my garden. My irises are also showing.

BBbevan Mon 23-Dec-19 16:37:09

We have some primroses out and a lonely pansy

J52 Mon 23-Dec-19 16:47:42

Not unusual as it is mild at the moment. Daffodils have the ability to delay growing if the weather turns cold. Even a covering of snow doesn’t harm them.

Grannybags Mon 23-Dec-19 16:51:02

Lovely aren't they? Gives some hope that Spring will arrive eventually!

BlueBelle Mon 23-Dec-19 17:08:12

All my bulbs are starting to come up

farview Mon 23-Dec-19 19:21:57

...ooh it was uplifting to see life...and I do love spring..quite a way off though yet smile

Nortsat46 Mon 23-Dec-19 19:30:58

No sign of our daffs but the irises are poking their heads above ground ...

SueDonim Mon 23-Dec-19 20:10:11

I had a Facebook memory come up yesterday, reminding me of the Christmas we spent in London in 2015. There were daffodils in flower on the roundabouts and verges. confused

Resurgam123 Tue 21-Jan-20 08:30:33

I bought the first batch of daffodils from ASDA a couple of days ago. They are just lovely and make me smile.

BlueBelle Tue 21-Jan-20 08:32:59

My first daft is in bud, one cowslip out and a little violet

Hetty58 Tue 21-Jan-20 08:43:04

The snowdrops and cyclamen are out already, very pretty under the shrubs. Next will be the primroses - roll on Spring!

Persistentdonor Tue 21-Jan-20 09:16:55

SO lucky, in Torbay we have everything flowering early! Narcissus out at Christmas, and daffodils, snowdrops and iris out now too.
It IS very uplifting to know that Spring is round the corner....
Mind you, although we rarely get snow, in recent years we had it in March, (twice) and right now for the 3rd consecutive morning, I can see frost lying on the beach where the tide doesn't reach.