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Assessing genetic diversity

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Elegran Sat 01-Feb-20 10:37:12

Scientists have developed a world-first method to help understand and conserve genetic diversity in some of our most iconic wild species.

Hetty58 Sun 09-Feb-20 10:05:33

Fascinating but worrying too. This alarmed me:

'Genetic diversity is key to species adapting to changing climates, to new diseases or other pressures they may face'

I think the pace of climate change, pollution and loss of habitat may overwhelm species as there just won't be sufficient time for them to adapt in this way.

Elegran Sun 09-Feb-20 10:57:47

Without genetic diversity, they will be less adaptable than with it, given all the time in the world. Any tiny advantage could be helpful, so long as no-one imagines that finding a way to help with a tiny advantage means that we can ignore the whole problem. Don't let the magnitude of the likely changes ahead make you reject a small part of a solution just because it doesn't solve everything.

Elegran Sun 09-Feb-20 11:00:24

I do agree that no-one should focus too hard on any advance without also pointing out how much is still to do.