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Heard a cuckoo this morning.

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shysal Mon 27-Apr-20 07:27:08

I am surprised how thrilled I was to hear it. It seems a little early, but perhaps I am wrong.
Has anyone else heard one yet?

Juliet27 Mon 27-Apr-20 07:34:36

It’s about the right time to hear a cuckoo. I’m envious as I’ve not heard one for years. I’ve not seen any swallows or house martins yet. They’re another sure sign of Spring.

Daisymae Mon 27-Apr-20 07:34:49

Yes, they have heard them here for about a week. Didn't think that it was especially early though I am not sure.

Juliet27 Mon 27-Apr-20 07:36:42

Have you watched this?

NotAGran55 Mon 27-Apr-20 07:38:30

I heard one last week. I remember hearing them frequently as a child but not so often these days .

Juliet27 Mon 27-Apr-20 07:38:45

On that site two had been traced to Suffolk.